Common Preschool Problems and how you can solve them

If you’re contemplating sending your child to Woodlands preschool, there are probably, lots of thoughts currently racing through your mind. From wondering whether the child will even get along well with other kids to wondering how he/she will cope without you and whether the child will like the preschool, it is normal to get worried when taking your child to a preschool for the first time. 

Coincidentally, adjusting to the preschool isn’t usually a downhill task. Therefore, you should accept that a few problems may come up along the way, and begin addressing them now (if possible).

Alternatively, you can also begin developing plans to address them if they arise. Importantly, you do not need to worry that it will be upon you to handle all the possible problems that may come up. 

If you’ve found a high-quality preschool in Woodlands, you can rest assured that the coordinators will have your back. With a background in early childhood education, they understand most of the problems better and will be willing to help you.

How can I help my Preschooler at Home?

When preparing your child for preschool, it is prudent that you also have a practical plan for supporting their learning at home. Ideally, your role as a parent would range from organizing the child’s day, to developing structured tasks, helping him/her with transitions between activities, and most importantly, motivating them.

Besides those roles, you can help your preschooler at home by checking in with their teachers or caregivers. During your chats with the teachers, be sure to discuss important suggestions for activities you believe would be instrumental in the child’s development. 

Discussing the suggestions would be more critical if the child receives additional services to manage an individual condition like speech delay. Ideally, you will need to brainstorm with the teacher to determine practical ways to continue with his/her therapy and maintain gains at the preschool in Woodlands.

You can also help your preschooler at home by maintaining constant communication with him/her. This is important, considering that almost every activity your preschool-age child will be doing will present him/her with an opportunity to learn something new.

Ideally, you can support them in expanding their knowledge by introducing him/her to new vocabulary. You can also use that time to teach him/her to size, color, numbers, and even shapes. 

What are the Major Issues in Preschoolers?

As mentioned earlier in this guide, you shouldn’t panic about the possible issues you may face when your child is enrolled at a preschool in Woodlands since the cares will support you and most issues are also easy to manage. Read on to know the potential problems and practical ways you can solve them.

  • Separation Anxiety

When your child enters preschool for the first time, he/she will most probably have separation anxiety. It is a natural and temporary issue, but a major milestone as your child steps out of familiar faces at home to a new place with entirely new faces.

He/she will probably feel slightly intimidated by the classroom settings and having several other children who are about the same age as him/her around them for the first time without your presence. Interestingly, even the parents too may struggle with separation anxiety during this phase, and you’d also possibly struggle with a bit of separation anxiety.

To manage the possible separation anxiety, be sure to organize school tours with your child after identifying the best preschool in Woodlands. Let the child get familiar with the surroundings and continuously talk with him/her about the school and children in that school.

Every time you drop the child off at the school, accept the emotions the child goes through and ask him/her if there’s any way they may need your help. You can significantly minimize the stress you or your child would have to endure after dropping him/her off by ensuring that your farewell is short and most probably developing a farewell routine for the child.

  • Relating to Playmates, Caregivers, and Teachers in the Preschool

Most children have natural fears against other adults not familiar to them. Because of this, the child may find it daunting relating to teachers for the first time they get into a preschool.

Most parents find managing this behavior simple. Ideally, you can make relating to teachers in the school simpler by organizing to take the child to outings where he/she will meet new people and see new buildings, including schools.

Be sure also to allow him/her to play with and freely interact with loved ones and children in your neighborhood to build their confidence, learn to be cooperative, be respectful, and know how to interact with adults and playmates. When you’re confident that the child has gotten sufficient exposure to adults and playmates, ensure that you talk to him about the school when he finally joins the preschool in Woodlands.

During these chats, ask your child about their new friends, caregivers, and teachers. You can make your conversation more fun by letting the child lead the discussions and talk about the things he/she finds amusing or loves about their playmates, caregivers, and teachers. Finally, if your child has any special health condition, be sure to inform the teachers and caregivers, so they know how to handle the youngster’s situation.

  • Communication or Language Difficulties

Communication can be a massive hindrance to your child’s progress. When selecting the best preschool in Woodlands for your child, it would be better to find one that isn’t so rigid but would be open to letting the child express him/herself in their favored language until they can speak English.

You can solve the communication problem by speaking with the child in English when he/she’s back home. You can also translate sentences for him/her so they can find it easy to relate.

One major mistake you should not make when solving communication, most specifically language skills, is making fun of or criticizing the child’s attempts. That would negatively affect his/her self esteem, making it difficult for the child to express themselves or open up when they have a problem you can help them with.

Bottom Line

You can solve most of the problems your preschool-age child may face and finding a high quality preschool in Woodlands would make that even easier. We have a highly hospitable team of caregivers with extensive training in early childhood education and would be willing to help you in any way possible. Send us an email or call us to discuss how we can help your child adjust.