Content For Instagram: Overview Of Ideas For Posts

Content For Instagram: Overview Of Ideas For Posts

It happens: when users create content for Instagram, they don’t even think about the variety of categories. The result is a boring and trivial account. Therefore, I bring to your attention the “rubricator” of content for Instagram, which I have meticulously collected. It will revitalize your account and make it a pleasant place to go and shop as well.

Taken together, we’ve got ideas for posts, sit back!

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Content for Instagram.

It can be divided into 3 large groups: informational, entertainment, and sales. And these groups can be combined with each other – it all depends on your imagination.

Let’s take a closer look at each view.

Informational content for Instagram.

One of the important and voluminous sections. It reveals a product/service from new sides, shows the life of the company (your life), trends in your area, and so on, and is not directly related to sales. It should be interesting and useful, show your expertise, increase trust and make you want to buy, ask for services. Takes 50% of all posts.

The face of the brand: post-exposure, you with the product, etc. (people buy from people!)

Company life / your team.

Who do you work with? What are their hobbies? Your mission. What are you working on now? The working day of the company. All of this will also humanize your business.

Backstage – i.e. an action behind the scenes that your subscriber doesn’t see.

Show how your product is created. Offscreen photos / videos. This will increase the level of trust and further engage the audience.

Your achievements – photo / video.

Trends and news from your industry.

Fasting is motivation.

Lists / Ratings – useful apps, books or resources.

Review/review of something.

“Series posts” or blog lunch.

– protracted posts that are continued. They can be broken down into parts.

Answers to questions.

Ask a question – get an opinion about the company, products, etc.

Event announcement.

Newsjacking (news, news feeds are taken, which are heard and played up for their own purposes)

You can also make a post-reminder in advance, when and what time it will take place, what it will be about.

Entertaining content for Instagram.

Should not let your subscribers get bored! Create atmospheric posts, conduct polls, contests. Must occupy 20% of all posts.

Atmospheric, inspirational posts.

– nice photos, reasoning about life and weather, your mood, and various amenities.

Sweepstakes, contests, polls, quizzes, marathons, challenges.

Entertainment video – i.e. entertaining videos, short and tasty videos. You can also show the preparation of a dish (if the channel is about food), product application, etc.

Selling content for Instagram.

We post a product or service – we get customers. Must occupy 25-30% of all posts.

Post with a product/service.

UGC – User Generated Content. Photo with your product / next to the company, etc.

Personal story (storytelling)

You can post a photo of a buyer with a product, make a repost, or even create a separate account with reviews. All three examples are in order.

Discounts and promotions, exclusive offers.

That’s all there is to it. I hope my efforts will be useful! Success in promotion!

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