Corona Virus Cases

The newly identified Corona Virus has spread to almost every country in the world from the time when it initially arose in China on December 31 last year. Reports testify over 1,600,000 infected people are there while deaths are over 96,000 up to at this time.  

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a virus and that recognized as a virus related to Coronaviruses which origin disease in animals. According to reports, this recently identified Corona Virus is nearly connected to the Sars virus and that globally spread during 2002 and 2003. But, it just covered almost 7,800 people and killed around 750. And even it was just a few months that could easily control without letting the whole world get sick because of.

It was Mers(Middle East repository syndrome) and that known as a Corona Virus found in the Middle East during 2012 after Sars. Reports say there were nearly 900 deaths while over 2,000 people get affected during.

By the way, the recently exploded COVID-19 is completely different from those two cases that we note above that even came from the same virus type. Physicians say that it is because the range of the virus is expansive with nearly 80 for each cent of circumstances lead to a mild infection. There may be people who already move with the virus and spread it everywhere without a single symptom. So this kind of points behind the latest Corona Virus made it harder than ever.

Chinese scientists delayered that they found two types while research their Corona Virus cases as one of them proved as a forceful outbreak than the other which too developed the vaccine more difficult.

How did it start?

It was the “Wet market” in Wuhan, China that found as the beginning place of Corona Virus Cases. It famed as a market where people can buy animals counting birds and fish as both dead and live. Researchers clarified that such places are risky with these kinds of viruses because no one can assure that a virus from animals will not jump to people who visit.

Though scientists still could not find out the source behind Corona Virus Cases thus far, their clarifications clue that it may be bats. And for your information, note that bats were the source behind many prior diseases such as HIV, Ebola and Rabies.

Corona Virus Cases

Within a couple of weeks, Covid-19 spread all over the world including the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

Affected people spotted with symptoms like dry cough, fever, being unwell and tiredness. When it continually spread, stomach problems, loss of smell and taste as well listed under symptoms.

Cure for COVID-19

According to scientists and the World Health Organization, there is no certain treatment for COVID-19. But, there are some standing medicines that doctors testing such as Malaria, HIV and Ebola. Until perfectly test and confirm that those drugs could force Corona Virus Cases, we cannot say how affective they are.

How it spread?

When an affected person or a person who carries the virus without symptoms will sneeze or cough, those droplets will do the rest to spread the virus from person to a person. When droplets touch someone’s nose, eyes or mouth; the virus can easily make him an affected person.

As the only way to stay safe, keep your hands clean. Wash them properly using hand wash or soap. Or else you can use hand sanitizer when you are away from home.  Moreover, follow social distance instructions. So you can stay safe and keep your loved ones too safe with such simple but weighty directions.

Does the Corona Virus cause death?

According to global reports, as of April 10, 2020, over 96, 000 deaths have been reported under Corona Virus Cases. Behind that, they testify nearly 333,000 affected people recovered from. You can go through Corona Virus Cases daily using the Global Map of Jhons Hopkins Center and many other reliable reports.