Corona Virus India- All the Updates

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic runs virally all over the world, many countries are now following strict lockdowns. This is true for the purpose of preventing the spread of coronavirus. And by now facing Corona Virus India, as a growing matter, India decided to lockdown for 21 days consecutively putting the world’s second-largest populous in a doubt about what will happen in the future? As with the public announcements Prime Minister Narendra Modi took in public on passed Tuesday, a 21-day lockdown will take place as it has already affected Indians infecting nearly 1000 and killing over 25. So this is all about Corona Virus India as of the updates on the surface.

As to the reports by South Asian nation the very first coronavirus case was reported on January 30th, 2020. But in concerned the recent weeks the number of infections has climbed so speedily leaving the whole country under threat. And as to the public health experts, the government should have acted sooner in order to confirm safe. And that has made Prime Minister Modi take the decision of lockdown just like many other countries. As for some including India’s main opposition Congress party, the government is almost delayed in taking the right decision.

Corona Virus India- Quick updates

  • First reported date- 30th January 2020
  • Confirmed Coronavirus cases- 979 (as of today)
  • Recovered- 86
  • Active cases under treatment- 867
  • No of deaths- 25

The infection rate of Corona Virus India is around 1.7 which is notably lower from the highest-affected countries. As with the developing threat of COVID-19, it seems the USA going to be the center of this pandemic while China is eventually getting recovered from the impact of months.

Briefly about Corona Virus India Pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has been stated as an epidemic and have taken the action to shut down educational institutions and many commercial establishments as its first step. And then, India has put on hold all tourist visas, as they were linked to countries globally.

On 22 March 2020, India put experiential 14-hour voluntary public curfew as with the decision by Prime Minister Modi. The government has taken it up with lockdowns in 75 districts. And these are mainly where the Corona Virus India cases had reported together with the major cities. And further, on 24 March, Prime Minister Modi has decided on taking an order for nationwide lockdown upsetting the entire 1.3 billion population of the whole country. Starting from then, it will continue to 21 consecutive days.

As to the World Health Organization (WHO) executive director Michael Ryan, India has a “remarkable capacity” to act against the coronavirus outbreak. And furtherly as the second most heavily populated country, India will have a vast impact on the world’s capacity to deal with.

Many other reporters have given their sympathy about the economic destruction going to happen by the lockdown. And due to this sudden lockdown, a huge set of informal workers, micro/ small enterprises, planters and all of the self-employers will lead to a vast breakdown. They are left with no source of revenue in the deficiency of transportation and right of entry to markets.

Corona Virus India Lockdown vs Migrants Stuck

With the sudden decision of the Government on nationwide lockdown, Hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers were frustrated. So they began long journeys on foot to get home as most of them were living and settled where they work. So saying the country is under lockdown has made them suddenly down-and-out. As to a laborer, he is more fear of hunger than Corona Virus India. It is a true fact that India is at the top when counting the world’s largest homeless population. So this lockdown has tripled the count in sudden.

India is facing a terrible issue towards making decisions nationwide when concerned with the matters already on fire like the homeless population, deficiency in employment and more. So how this Corona Virus India would lead to an end? Is the decision to lock down the country is right at the right time?