Coronavirus Impact on Injury Claim

One thing is for certain, no matter the impact of the current pandemic, your legal rights have not changed. This means that if you have been the victim of a personal injury you can still file a claim against the person who is responsible for what happened to you. Although there might be some delays and the litigation process may end up being longer than you might have expected, you still have the right to receive damages for your injuries.

Some Important Steps

Document What Happened

Whenever there is a personal injury, no matter if it is a car accident, a slip and fall in a store or at the mall or anything else, it’s always important to document what happened. With the ever-present threat of COVID-19 around, make sure to keep as socially distant as possible when doing this. Take your camera and snap pictures of the scene and any aspect of your surroundings that may shed light on the circumstances that brought about what happened.

Write Down all Important Information

Even though you may be feeling disoriented or in pain, it is important to gather as much information as possible. Either get it down on a piece of paper or record it on your phone. Start by getting all contact details from whoever was involved. If any witnesses are around, get their testimonies and their information, should it be necessary for them to testify in court. If the police are at the scene, get a copy of their report. In this case it is also important that you keep socially distant, wear a mask, and avoid touching your face.

Take Care of your Injuries

Getting medical attention is the next important step after a personal injury. Do not put it off since it might have unintended consequences later on. Once again, with the possibility of catching the disease, this might not be as easy as it normally is. Delays in hospitals that may still be giving priority to COVID-19 cases are common.

You may be better off scheduling a virtual consultation with a telehealth provider. This way you can receive an injury report and a treatment plan. However, if your injuries are much more serious, you might have to go to a medical facility in person and get them resolved right away.

Do not Feel Pressured to Settle

There seems to be quite a bit of financial uncertainty around. People are losing their jobs, and this may be the case of the defendant in your case. However, it is never a good idea to accept the first offer by either the defendant or the insurance company. Talk to your personal injury lawyer about the best way to proceed.

Be Patient with the Court System

Nationwide, at the civil court system is not business as usual. Some have reduced hours or limited interaction with people. Be prepared for some delays when it comes to upcoming hearings. Also, you may have some coronavirus-related concerns when it comes to dealing in person with large numbers of people. If this is your case, discuss with your personal injury attorney the possibility of asking the court for a continuance and any other possible worries you might have at this time. Your personal injury lawyer Fasig and Brooks can answer all the questions you might have regarding your case and how coronavirus might impact it.