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Top 4 Fabric for Your Sectional Couch Covers

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Covers for sectional couches are one of the most important and beautiful things. They will not only boost the lifespan but also the appearance of the sectional couch. But, everything depends on the material of the covers. If you choose a good fabric for your covers, they will undoubtedly last for years. On the other hand, a mediocre fabric will make the cover vulnerable to scratches and damages.

When you’re thinking about couch makeovers, you should keep in mind two things: slipcover and reupholstering. Compared to reupholstering, purchasing a slipcover is much more time-saving as well as cost-effective. Not only they are easy to install but also durable. However, you must be careful while choosing the fabric for your sectional couch covers.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 fabrics for your sectional couch covers.

People Often Prefer Cotton

Do you know why people always prefer cotton? This is because cotton is one of the best fabrics for covers, especially for homes with small children and pets. Cotton is a very light fabric and you can easily wash them in the washing machine. Additionally, cotton is very durable and can withstand the tear and wear of children and pets. Another benefit of cotton is that it can easily soak water and stains. This will help you to protect the sectional couch. Apart from the high versatility, cotton is also available in a wide range of patterns and colors to match any interior.

Linen Is Also a Great Choice

Linen is crafted from flax and it’s one of the strongest natural fiber textures. It’s a soft, smooth, and naturally lustrous fabric that provides natural resistance and extreme durability to piling, moths, and abrasion. As per Master Class, linen is eco-friendly. Linen is often used in conjunction with cotton to increase its elasticity. Linen with high elasticity is perfect for sectional couch covers. Additionally, if you wash the linen, it will become comfortable and soft as well as show a natural winkle. This is a great casual option. Even though unwashed linen will stay flatter and smoother, but it will still develop wrinkles after continuous usage. Unwashed linen should go through dry cleaning. But, washed linen can be cleaned at the house.

Leather is a Luxurious Fabric for the Covers

Leather is a sturdy material that can be damp-wiped and gently vacuumed while needed. Apart from that, they can be cleaned easily with saddle soap and leather conditioner. When it comes to the matter of luxury, quality, warmth, and comfort, many people prioritize leather as their fabric for sectional couch covers. Over the past few years, vinyl, faux leather, and synthetic leather have improved by their feel, look, and performance.

A microfiber is Also a Great Option

If you want the same comfort and sensation as leather, but you have pets and kids at home, you should consider choosing microfiber fabric for your sectional couch covers. Microfiber is designed and crafted to look like a feather. They are easy to clean and also stain-resistant. Additionally, they give a soft fabric touch that is adored by many people. The fabric is thick and capable of protecting the furniture beneath. Any drinks or foods spilled on the surface can be cleaned easily.


These are the top 4 fabrics you should choose for your sectional couch covers. Do you have any doubts regarding the fabric? Contact us and we will help you.