Thursday, September 29 , 2022

Couple has close encounter with playful whales

By Kathy Finney

Working for whale-watching companies, Emmy-Rose Curtis and Brad Nicholls are no strangers to whale sightings. But even they were amazed at the incredible encounter they had in the waters near Gold Coast Seaway.

The couple from Australia had jumped out of their boat to test some new filming equipment. “We were just playing around underwater with the GoPros and all of a sudden there was something much larger than a turtle there,” Curtis told ABC 7. “In 10 years, I have never seen this type of behavior for whales with a boat, let alone with us in the water.”

Not only did the whales get up close to the swimmers, they continued to playfully slap the water and swim. “Two large humpback whales swam around us for close to two hours; singing to us and gentle touching us with their pectoral fins and head,” Curtis wrote in the YouTube description where she first posted the footage.

Despite the size of their swimming companions, Curtis and Nicholls never felt themselves in danger. “Their movements were so gentle and so slow, almost like they were like ‘Oh, I don’t want to hurt my new friends,’ ” Curtis told ABC 7. “My heart was so full of love at that moment.”