Creative Ideas For Party Theme


Party means a symbol of blissfulness, thanksgiving and success. People can arrange the parties according the types and the themes. There are copious themes and types. This will be better, if we arrange it by our shelves, but if we are unable to handle it we can let an event organizer takes part in it, but this will be more expensive. There are some prominent event organizers which deal with the party, including the themes and types. We can be picky for them. We can also find some information through from internet, everybody, and everywhere about it. We must prior to our interests, which sort of themes and types fit us predominantly. Feel free to visit mippin for more creative and fun party theme ideas.

Various Themes and Types of Party

The themes of party may vary it depends on the interest of the order . The event organizer must have catalogues, and information about the themes and type, including the price. These are the themes and the types of party;

  • Conventional Party

This is a conventional party. As usual, it doesn’t do diverse things unnecessarily. This is prone to be conservative. It only needs to rent a building, which benches and tables are all around. The visitors can take the cuisines with various foods and drinks by their shelves. It has simple decorations. This is usually called a standing party too.

  • Back To Nature

We can choose this type, or some people call it rustic theme. We can rent the place of such ambience. This has classic and natural decoration, ornaments, and souvenirs. It’s not redundant. We can use a recycled goods, and unused items, and we can convert those things worthwhile again creatively. Of Course, we can make this type is as simple as it can.

  • Lively Party

We can make it as exciting as it can be. We can present disco, quiz, small opera, and etc. This will be noisy one.

  • Gothic Party                                                                                                                                                                                 

This theme is far from being conventional, making the event unique. This collection makes it effortlessly easy to dress up, arrive in style, and party the night away.

  • Prom Party

This could be classic moment, but people still need it up to this time being. It will be preferably, if we arrange in the beautiful night with full moon. The theme is love, and the romantic music should be around.

  • Kingdom Party

People use this in wedding party usually. The people are in kingdom’s clothes, and dresses, like in the story of Cinderella.

  • Flower Party

We can also choose this type, and the decoration is mostly from various and fragrant flowers. The theme of it is beauty and fragrance. Most attendants really like this, especially women.

  • Game Party

This type is game the theme of it is having fun. We can contact our bedfellows, relatives to come to our party, and having game together all night long.

  • Film Party

We can make the party of home cinema as well. We can choose the genre of film, but the film should be up to date. We can call this silent party, because only little noise is around. We can eat some foods, snacks and drink coffee soft drink, while we are watching it.

  • Music party

Most people like the music. We can present bands there, or karaoke. Everyone may show his talents in singing and playing instruments of music. The theme is joy.

  • Sport Party

People can choose this type for their parties. The theme is health. Everybody can join the party in jersey, sport sweatshirts, and all sport accessories. The decoration must creatively abound with accessories of sport too.

  • Floating party

Indonesia has some places of interest, including lakes and rivers. We have floating food stalls here. We can choose this type. If we arrange it in the evening, it will be better. The theme is peace, serenity and nature. The variety of grilled and processed fish will be the best victuals.

  • Party of Merti Desa

We call this type is Merti Desa (English: party of birthday of village) in Indonesia. This is an annual event. Most of the villagers are in the village meeting hall or the big field, including village chief, and his commissioners. The elders officiate us to utter prayers before we eat the foods. We also call this as thanksgiving party to God for the good prosperity, harmony, unity, peace and His perfect gifts. The theme of it is benediction to God. 

We can arrange the themes and the types of party according to our interests. We must do this decorously, with good manner, proper conduct, and decency. The party should be impressive and memorable as well. The impression of the party may remain in the people’s mind forever.