Cryotherapy: A Contemporary Solution to Numerous Health Problems & Sport Injuries

Innovations and technologies are rapidly evolving and changing everything around, from routines to the treatment of diseases. In the recent decade, scientists have achieved unprecedented success in the cure of numerous health problems and traumas with the help of technologies that have never been used. One of such innovative solutions is a cryosauna.

Cryotherapy is a modern method of healing the body with cold. It is of particular interest not only to doctors but also to professional athletes. This is because certain sports carry a high risk of injury. Besides, cryotherapy sessions can help improve training results, reduce the effects of traumas, and speed up the recovery process from intense physical activity. Sportspeople and those interested in the effectiveness of cryotherapy can find out more info at Vacuactivus that is one of the leading manufacturers of weight-loss and rejuvenation equipment.

Benefits of Cryotherapy for Sportspeople

Thanks to this procedure, the recovery period after trauma is minimized, which makes it possible to resume sports the next day after the cryotherapy procedure. For this reason, many athletes prefer to spend several minutes in a cryo-chamber immediately after the competition. This allows them to reduce the concentration of lactic acid in muscle tissue and relieve muscle pain, fatigue, or, conversely, reduce overexcitation and normalize sleep.

The results of a short-term effect of critically low temperatures on the body are:

  • the production of endorphins quickly increases, 
  • the immune defense is normalized, 
  • regenerative processes are accelerated, 
  • blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells are improved. 

Under the influence of cold temperatures, the body starts the process of accelerated recovery of damaged muscles, ligaments, and joints. Besides, the regenerative properties of cryotherapy help in the treatment of complex injuries of the musculoskeletal system, burns, wounds, and various skin diseases.

After a cryotherapy session, patients, especially athletes, notice the following effects:

  • There is a rapid decrease in pain syndrome and a decrease in post-traumatic joint stiffness. 
  • The analgesic effect can occur literally in 5-10 minutes after exposure to ultra-low temperatures and persist for at least 6-8 hours. 
  • The suppression of pain and restoration of the functionality of the joints makes it possible to facilitate the rehabilitation period after injuries, and athletes are allowed to gradually increase the load on the damaged organ, which contributes to the rapid recovery of physical form and helps to prevent complications. 

As a result, the application of cryotherapy after an injury can significantly extend the sports life of athletes.

More Effects of Cryotherapy

It has also been scientifically proven that several cryotherapy sessions help athletes who make frequent long-term flights to international competitions to adapt to changing time zones quickly. At the same time, a shift in the athlete’s regime by several hours does not in any way affect the training results. Thanks to cryotherapy procedures, the reaction rate of athletes increases by almost 1.5-2 times, which makes it possible to significantly improve sports performance.

Weight Loss & Rejuvenation

Cryotherapy is also highly effective in weight loss programs. Biochemical processes in the body under the influence of cryotherapy consume a large amount of energy that is released as a result of the burning of fats. Thanks to cryotherapy, blood sugar levels are reduced, performance and mood are increased. Many people love this treatment for its anti-aging effect.

As you can see, the positive effects cannot be underestimated. So, try visiting a medical or cosmetological center that has cryo-saunas of the leading manufacturers to ensure the effectiveness of procedures.