Wednesday, May 18 , 2022

Cute video of Belka, 20-Day-Old Malamute-Husky Puppy, Learns To Howl

This is adorable and so cute to watch. The kid is lucky to spend real time with his puppy and not with his tab or pad. Last March, an Alaskan Malamute-Siberian husky pup named Belka was captured on camera learning to howl at just 20 days old and it’s watched by millions already.

Only a very few dogs would be lucky to be known by the millions of people. Belka is one of them– whose name means “squirrel” in Russian — is now all grown up, and her howl is probably a lot fiercer. That’s why we’re thankful we have this video preserving her adorable puppy howl for the rest of eternity.