Dame  Munni – The motivation to create sustainable housing for the homeless

Dame  Munni – The motivation to create sustainable housing for the homeless

The number of people going through housing scarcity has been a major problem for many years. This global issue is on a constant rise due to the 2008 financial crisis and economic crisis that engulfed the entire global economy and the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. This upward trend will likely be exacerbated if governments and non-governmental organizations take no swift measures. With many people flooding into the cities for work, most urban areas are experiencing a housing scarcity. The majority of homeless people come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Consequently, they lack education, and their employment opportunities are severely limited. Homelessness is traumatizing, and the ones going through it usually have a hard time coming out of it due to social stigma. 

Many homeless people are labeled with different tags, like drunkards or drug addicts. This, in return, makes it hard for them to find employment. Additionally, disabilities and illness also play a negative role and profoundly affect homeless people. Domestic abuse is also one of the critical factors why women and children become homeless. When women are in an abusive relationship, they have no choice but to leave their homes, where they are at the mercy of their abusive partner. That is why they frequently end up living in their cars, in homeless shelters, or in facilities for transitional housing. The author of “Get Balance,” Dame Munni, also had a harrowing experience when she was domestically abused. 

The pain of others can only be understood by those who have gone through a similar unfortunate set of circumstances. Empathy and the desire to help others are said to be enhanced by experiencing others’ suffering. Pain is complex and can feel like a rollercoaster ride. As a domestic abuse survivor, Munni came up with the idea to build a self-sustainable shelter for men, women, children, and animals. Due to her relentless efforts in serving humanity, she has earned the moniker of the “Philanthropist Queen of Beverly Hills.” Through her Wisdomland International project, she embarked on the journey to provide shelter to many homeless people. 

Munni has spent countless hours of her life working toward the betterment of women and children, helping them restore their lost confidence. Munni has lived in Los Angeles and is aware of the condensed homeless people residing at Skid Row. A neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles dubbed as one of the most profound concentrations of human suffering on the planet. The lawless tent city has a den of drug addicts and people dealing with mental disabilities. Munni has played a vital role and has been active on Skid Row since the 80s. She and her family went there once a month to help feed the homeless and give them hygiene kits. 

Additionally, those who sleep on the streets maintain fewer hygiene-related self-care routines. People who are homeless frequently exhibit hygiene behaviors that are likely influenced by the accessibility of sanitizing facilities and how well-liked or safe they are. Munni plans to build a parker structure with accessible bathrooms and showers to make it easier for the homeless to bathe themselves properly. 

Her program, which she has been involved with since 1984, is responsible for most of the tents in Los Angeles. Additionally, she contributed to the implementation of three laws in California that gave Vietnamese, Chinese, and Koreans millions of new work opportunities. Today, most of them are educated, have homes of their own, and drive vehicles while pursuing the American dream. 

Munni’s dedication to helping others was in the swing even during the coronavirus pandemic. The nationwide lockdowns resulted in many businesses suffocating financially. Many people were stripped of their jobs and were left to deal with challenging financial instability. Munni has spent a vast portion of her life working with many country leaders to eliminate unemployment. During the pandemic, Munni helped many unemployed people by finding them jobs. She is the CEO of MJD Film Productions and is associated with several charitable organizations in the United States and worldwide. 

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Munni was left in an uncertain situation with many mysteries to unfold. Her core motive behind making shelter homes lies solely in the fact that all abusers have commonalities. She has never raised funds for all the work she has put into this cause; instead, she spends her own money. All of her projects are geared towards her peace initiative for global healing. Her Wisdomland International initiative is the world’s first self-sustaining shelter.