David Reagan, Personal Trainer from Atlanta, Discusses Five Ways to Know If Your Fitness Plan Is Working

You’ve been going strong for two weeks with a new workout routine, and you decide to step on the scale with high expectations. To your distress, you do not see the changes you hoped to see. Unfortunately, your next choice could lean towards giving up on your routine, but you might be quitting too soon.  

Weight loss is not the only factor to focus on when determining whether or not your fitness plan is the key to the real success you seek or not. Though not all workouts affect every individual in the same way, there are other signs of progress to focus on when determining whether to continue your fitness plan. 

David Reagan, Atlanta local NASM Certified personal trainer, specializes in weight loss, personalizes workout plans, bodybuilding, and nutrition. Reagan knows that trying to achieve the perfect weight while battling personal issues and professional challenges can be overwhelming. The key to his success was regaining his confidence and a positive attitude. He had to pull himself from what he described as ‘probably the worst shape of his life,’ which inspired him to want to help his clients do the same. He encourages all his clients to not give up on their healthy lifestyle changes before determining actual progression through these five signs: 

Sign #1: You are sleeping and moving better 

When comparing your progress from day one, take note of the small changes that help you take on your daily to-dos. If you are sleeping more sound and becoming less sore after workouts, your work out routine is in the right direction. 

Sign #2: You are embracing a more uplifted mentality

Working out not only helps with physical fitness, but it also helps with mental balance. Pay attention to your day-to-day moods. If you find yourself supporting a more positive outlook, becoming less anxious, and overall happier, then you should stick with your exercise routine. 

Sign #3: You have a change of appetite

Not all of the work is done in the gym when seeking a healthier lifestyle. Whatever you decide to cook in the kitchen matters, too. Healthy foods will set you up for success during workouts. However, working out will affect your time and choices in the kitchen. Your physical efforts are working if you have fewer cravings and find yourself more easily turning to healthier foods.

Sign #4: You have more energy

People often use workouts as a source of stress release, and through a routine that works for them, look forward to their time of exercise. If you find yourself looking forward to your fitness time and feel an increase in stamina with what you can physically do, such as increasing weight when lifting while requiring less rest time, you have a proactive routine. 

Sign #5: Your clothing is starting to fit different

Even though your weight might not reflect your ideal numbers, center your attention on your clothing. Muscle weighs more than fat, so when adding strength training to your practice, the way your clothes fit will reflect the loss of body fat.  

About David Reagan

David Reagan is an Atlanta-based personal trainer working with executives and high-end clients, helping them balance their busy schedules with workout and meal plans to achieve optimal results. He has graduated Atlanta Personal Trainer Program and is NASM Certified. Thanks to the personal experience, goal-oriented mindset, and professional certification, David Reagan ensures that his clients exceed their own expectations.