Dayyor Gomez – The New Artist to Keep an Eye On

Dayyor Gomez – The New Artist to Keep an Eye On

The mediums and ways to create and showcase art have changed in the past few years. Yet, the artistic world never fails to introduce us to exceptional talent. One such name that appears in today’s creative industry is Dayyor Gomez Amaya. He is a rising artist from Northern California, renowned for his artworks depicting expressionism and abstract elements. 

Who is Dayyor Gomez Amaya?

Dayyor Gomez was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and moved to North California. California became his inspiration to carry forward his passion for art. But his journey as an artist began at an early age. He used to draw portraits since his school days, and even in high school, he was passionate about art and wanted to pursue his career as an artist. 

However, Gomez obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance. Nevertheless, he continued his journey as an artist side by side. Gomez is a creative soul who has been creating artwork for the past ten years. He has set up a private art studio in California dedicated to creating his artwork that he exhibits and sells on an online store. With his artistic skills and knowledge of the financial world, Gomez plans to become an art entrepreneur. 

Exploring Dayyor Gomez’s Artwork 

Dayyor Gomez has created several impactful artworks in the past few years, and some of them are still listed in his e-store. All of his paintings show a new approach to creating and selling art, which leaves an emotional effect on the observers’ minds. His paintings actually involve the observers in the entire process of the art creation. 

Initiatives like inviting others to add brushstrokes and introducing an art price that rises with each second of his life have fascinated many. It indicates that the artist is bringing a fresh approach to the art industry.

Infinite Love – The Evergreen Masterpiece

One of the most influential paintings in Dayyor Gomez’s collection is the Infinite Love. Apparently, it is an artwork that depicts a mother’s eternal love for her child. But what makes it a unique piece is its pricing, which grows with the artist’s age. Essentially, the price mechanism is related to Gomez’s life. 

Each second passed in the life of the artist adds $0.0001 to the value of the artwork, and its value is updated every Thursday. This is what makes the artwork a living, breathing piece that will grow in value till Gomez’s last breath. 

Dayyor Gomez has painted several other masterpieces, such as Mother Nature, Why Not, Back in the Day, So Clean, and many others. All of these paintings share a compelling message with the observers that urges them to ponder. 

For instance, the painting Why Not? gives the observers the message to be whatever they want to be, regardless of the objections of the society. Similarly, Mother Nature urges the viewers to take the initiative to conserve the environment. Due to these messages from the artist, these abstract art pieces strike a conversation with the viewers. 

Drive to Contribute to New Art Trends

The artist likes to put in around 10 to 12 hours every day to craft new art pieces. He wants to bring fresh perspectives into the artistic market and work on new artist trends. Most of Gomez’s artwork seems to illustrate the abstract expressionism genre. According to the artist, art goes beyond mere self-expression. Instead, Gomez firmly believes that art carries the power to start a dialogue with the observers. 

Gomez takes this belief forward in each of his works and pushes himself to contribute to contemporary art forms and trends. Essentially, he wants to promote a culture of investment in art. He believes that art investment can help us shape a dynamic industry where anyone and everyone can express themselves through art. Plus, he sees the potential of the art industry beyond amusement purposes. 

As per Dayyor Gomez’s vision, art can be a rewarding investment. Not everyone has to pursue art just for the sake of it. Instead, people can pursue it for their financial benefit. If you want to make higher returns, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies are not the only choices. One can also invest in tangible art pieces to grow their finances. However, it is important that you are aware of the market trends and have knowledge about which art pieces can be rewarding. 

Dayyor Gomez’s Plans for the Future

Dayyor Gomez is an artist who wants to see art and artists thrive in the future. That’s why he does not only plan to create compelling artwork but also invest in the industry to make a difference in the industry. As an individual artist, he wants to secure a Guinness world record for sending his artwork all around the globe. Besides, he also wishes to continue his work in the abstract expressionism domain to bring more innovation.

Apart from Dayyor Gomez’s personal goals as an artist, he wants to create art for charitable causes. These causes include social injustice, environmental conservation, and becoming the voice for anyone who cannot speak for themselves. Gomez’s unique artworks, innovative approach to tackling new trends, and desire to make a difference with art make him an inspiration for budding artists.