Deposit Bonus in slots explained

If you are a new player, there is no doubt that you would have seen casino sites offering you a bonus if you register on their website. Sometimes these bonuses at Scratch Mania Casino don’t even have to be the result of registering and are offered to players to get them to try out a brand new slot game.

While these are definitely beneficial offers for players, they can sometimes get a little confusing for newer players. There is no offer more confusing than the deposit bonus. Not only is this bonus confusing but it often varies depending on what site you are using. Below is the deposit bonus in slots explained.

What is a Deposit Bonus 

This bonus is typically given out to players when they register to a new casino website, it essentially a free bonus that is given to the player once they have deposited a certain amount. For example, a casino site may offer players a bonus of twenty free spins when they deposit ten pound or more. It can come in two forms, either cash or free spins. Both have their separate features, the cash bonus allows players to spend money on whatever slot they want without having to spend anything out of their own pocket while the free spins bonus will allocate a large amount of spins to players on a specific game. The deposit bonus is one of the less restricting bonuses that casino sites offer however there are still certain things to be aware of. The deposit bonus is triggered by depositing a certain amount of money, so it makes more sense to only deposit the minimum amount required to receive the bonus instead of going way over the threshold. 

Benefits of a Deposit Bonus 

There are several benefits to a deposit bonus. Taking advantage of a deposit bonus can give players more chances to convert the virtual coins into real money. While a deposit bonus is no guarantee of success, they certainly give players a better chance of winning. The deposit amount is never a large amount and usually covers the standard amount players would have deposited anyway. It is a way for casinos to entice new players to their website, the deposit bonus is not a way to scam players out of money but this goes both ways, the deposit bonus cannot be used by players to just get free money. 

Make Sure to Lookout for 

There are several things that players should lookout for with a deposit bonus. The first thing that players should be aware of is that they must read the terms and conditions of any deposit bonus that they sign up for, this bonus varies from casino to casino as sometimes there are deposit bonuses which are more generous than others. Also be aware of the wagering limit of each deposit bonus, typically players won’t be able to withdraw anything they have received until they have a certain amount in their account. 


The deposit bonus is a generous offer that casinos sites make for new players. While it is by no means an essential bonus to sign up for, there is no denying that it provides players with perks that they otherwise may not have been able to receive.