Thursday, September 29 , 2022

Depression and Treatment

By Prakash Sutradhar, BBN Contributor.

Depression is a tough emotion that makes the person feel down, empty, hopeless or indifferent to life.
Depression is a tough emotion that makes the person feel down, empty, hopeless or indifferent to life. Under the effect of depression people start to have a negative attitude towards life and they start believing that they will not enjoy life fully.

Depression and Treatment

What is Depression ?

Our brain is made of neurons and neurons use chemicals for communication among each other. In a normal person all the chemicals are running in their adequate level. Those chemicals are in balanced form but when there is imbalance of chemicals we experience different bad emotions like anxiety, onliness and when these chemicals go beyond their minimum level then it is emergency situation, we call it depression. It will be wrong to say that any particular chemical is responsible for depression rather there are dynamics of many chemicals inside brain.

Neurological Changes inside brain.

Previously researchers believed that depression was only because of chemical imbalances but recent study found that it is more than that. Our brain has hippocampus shown in figure below, and it is organ responsible for our emotions and memory.

Depression and Treatment

In recent breakthrough study it is found that hippocampus shrinks as much as 20% when people are depression. The shrink in hippocampus restricts production of adequate number of new neurons and thus restricts normal functioning of brain. I am not going further in technical details.

What people do mistake in depression ?

People escape from it rather than facing it. They use various tools to avoid depression. Medication, traveling, keeping yourself busy and changing your lifestyle will only help to avoid the symptoms of depression but real problem will always exist. The only way to get away from depression is to get to the root cause of depression and then only you will be be happy again.

Suppose your mobile is giving message of low battery, now instead of connecting it to the power supply if you cover it up with clothes so that low battery annoying message doesn’t appear anymore, will it solve the real problem?
No, same with our mind also, our subconscious mind is sending us negative emotions just to aware us that something is not going well in our life and right actions are needed immediately.

What are the steps to deal with depression ?

The first step to deal with depression is to scrutinize your past and examine what happened in your life in the past. Your past has the root cause of your present problems.

I am sure there was a time when you weren’t feeling depressed. You were happy and with full of hope. What are the external events happened in your life and that forced you to change from a state of happiness to a state of depression.

Depression is a “loss of hope” in simple words.
Suppose you were a very skilled employee and you lost your job, will you get depressed ?
No, because you have hope of getting another job, you have hope because you believe in your skills.
Now what if you applied 2-3 more companies and you got rejected, will you get depressed ?
Most probably No, you will still be left with a little hope. You might feel bad but because of a little hope you have you will try again.
Now what if you applied all companies and you got rejected from all of them, will you get depressed ?
YES, this time you will get depressed because you lost all your hopes of getting a job.


You have to first face your emotions rather than escaping it. It is your subconscious mind sending you messages of what to be done in order to fulfill your important goals or dreams. Understand your emotions first, then go back to your past when you were happy and start examining what happened from then.

If any solution is available then take right steps to change it and if no solution available then ACCEPTANCE of what happened.
Lets say you always wanted to become rich but you failed and you became depressed for that. Now when you examined your past you found the root cause of your depression is that it is because of failing to become rich. Now solution available because you can become rich, take necessary steps in your field to earn more money. The moment you will start taking right actions, your subconscious mind will start withdrawing depression emotions. Same as above example of mobile low battery, the moment you connect your mobile to the power supply that low battery signal disappears because you took the right action.

Lets say another person might became depressed because of death of someone very close, now no solution available of getting that person back. Now your subconscious mind will start accepting the reality.

So face your emotions and take necessary actions to create your lost hope and your depression will go away.

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