Thursday, September 29 , 2022

Destroy the Canadian Harp Seal Hunt : 13 year olds plea.

Destroy the Canadian Harp Seal Hunt : 13 year olds plea.

I am thirteen years old, and I have a cause to fight for.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of harp seals are clubbed, then skinned alive for their precious fur.  This is the largest slaughter of any marine mammal.  It is extremely inhumane, and it’s important to protest.  The population has been affected by global warming, so when you take the already declining species, and take away the 250,000 some killed every year, you have a huge problem. Female harp seals only bear one pup a year, so when you take out the 250,000 some killed and add in the 1 per female, you start to see that the species is in desperate need of our help.  Once the harp seals are all killed off, we will have an over population of small fish and crustaceans, which the seals feed on.  The fish and crustaceans will breed rapidly and decrease the amount of sea plants by a huge amount.  Please join me to protect this wonderful creature, the harp seal.

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– Maggie Kjeer