Difference between the Home Theatre Receiver and Stereo Receiver

A receiver is like sugar to tea, salt to meals and petrol to the car. The mean is to say it is most important in a home theater system, without it no home theatre. But today in the market, there are different types of receivers available that comes in different brands, features, and models.

So here the question arises on how to purchase the right and appropriate receiver for your Home theatre system. But you don’t need to worry beyond guessing, and we are here to give you a proper guide to buy the right receiver.

We have covered the difference between home theatre receiver(AV receiver) and stereo receiver. Audio-video receiver vs. stereo receiver and home theatre receiver (AV receiver)

The receiver will not only provide power to the home theatre but will also work as a mind to body. The job of a home theatre receiver is to process the signal before it reached its destination.

Home theatre receiver contains at least five to six amplifiers to run the speakers. A normal Home theatre system generally has 5 speakers, and each speaker needs its separate AV signal from the AV receiver. And now many home theatre systems includes dozens of speakers that you can fix in walls and ceilings.

Most popular receivers

The products from Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon from the beginning has created dignity in the market with its quality products.

For example Onkyo TX-NR656 it is very popular AV receiver that comes with latest features and specs like Dolby Atmos support, 4k ultra HD format, multi-room audio support, wireless streaming, etc.

The interesting thing is it consumes only 580 watts, and the weight is only 10 kg.

Stereo Receiver

A typical stereo receiver consists of two amplifiers. The purpose of the stereo receiver is listening to audio primarily.

The stereo receiver has its own amplifiers to run the speakers. It also includes AM/FM tuner. The biggest disadvantage of stereo is you cannot connect with Tav so you won’t be able to get any surround sound.

How to get the right receiver?

The primary purpose of AV receivers is to make amazing home theatre system. Here we have covered a few important things to lead you to choose the right receiver for your home theatre system.

Identify what you are going to connect with

It is one of the most important things to keep in mind while purchasing a receiver. If you want music only then the stereo receiver is best. But if you want both music and home theatre then for you AV receiver is suitable.

And if you want to connect with spin vinyl, then you need a phono input. And if you love to play music but go for wirelessly, then you will need wifi onboard.

Get an appropriate number of channels.

The one channel is for one speaker only. You need to keep this thing in mind while purchasing a receiver that has appropriate channels for all the speakers you have and going to have in the future. The receiver must have at least five channels.

Multi-room feature

If you have a house with multiple rooms, then you must consider this feature while buying the receiver. Fortunately, most receivers can do multiple things at a time like playing different TV shows at different times.

Look for HDR format

Make sure your receiver is supported HDR 10, DY and HGL format.

Receiver with Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is an AV receiver provides you amazing 3D like sound. This also has a DTS.X feature that provides a new sound format that will make your home theatre more amazing.