Saturday, October 1 , 2022

Different Types of Office Chairs

Specific tasks require specific chairs and different desks. Luckily, there are a number of seats available to get the job done. Brisbane Office Furniture has told us that the ideal chair offers ergonomic support, comfort and works in relation to your duties and desires, but which chair is the perfect fit?

You can break down the different types of office chairs into a few categories: 

A 24 Hour Chairs

As seen in working environments such as call centres, these seats are suitable for continuous use. These are defined by the manufacturer as being able to withstand this form of use, and are typically built with extremely sturdy frames, thickly lined seats and backrests and some ergonomic adjustments.

Big and Tall Chairs

Not all suit standard chair sizes. These benches, valued at more than 250 lbs, Provide extra spacious construction to those requiring more rooms. The large and tall chairs also include heavy-duty construction to ensure long-lasting use and safe support throughout the day of work. 

Computer Chairs

Such chairs, also known as job seats, are specifically designed to pair with computer desks. Such chairs often have some ergonomic modifications to ensure each customer has adjustable comfort. We also have a five star platform, usually with rolling casters in an office setting to ensure smooth travel. 

Conference Chairs

Such chairs are built to be leaned slightly forward to keep users involved in meetings and discussions. Typically such seating choices also have very limited modifications, as individuals choose not to sit in them for long periods of time. 

Drafting Chairs and Stools

Such chairs are designed to match the drafting tables, standing desks and counter-height Business conference tables. Many of these stools feature a foot ring that covers the user’s feet, and height adjustment that best suits the ideal working surface. 

Ergonomic Chairs

Such chairs are filled with various modifications to fit several unique people to the max.

The seat width, knee tilt, seat height, back height and lumbar support are some of these important changes.  

Executive Chairs

Such chairs are built for impressive appearance, usually with high backrests and ample cushion. 

Kneel Chairs

Chairs that place the thighs of the user at an angle of 60 to 70 degrees, rather than the usual angle of 90 degrees of a standard office chair. Kneeling chairs are constructed by splitting the weight between the seat and knee cushions to reduce lower back pressure. 

Petite Chairs

Standard chairs just aren’t working for everyone. Specifically designed with small individuals in mind, these chairs are designed to better meet their ergonomic needs at work.

Beam Setting

One or more chairs that are placed below the seat on a horizontal metal bar. Such chairs can also be called “tandem seating” collectively. 


Small sofas or couches which usually only seat two people at a time. 


Without a back or neck, low bench or footstools Storage ottomans feature a removable top which reveals the interior of a storage compartment. 

Reception Area Chairs

Usually stationary single person chairs. Such seating choices can also be called guest chairs or side chairs, and have a four-leg foundation, sled base, or cantilever base. 


Wide, upholstered seating designed to have two or more people sitting in at one time. 

Table Arm Chairs

Any type of chairs which have a surface of writing attached to one or both sides. The tablet may be fixed or have a swiveling function. 

Armless Chairs

Any kind of chair with a back but no sides. 


Whether in a lobby or a park, the benches offer long lasting seating and a unique look. Benches accommodate usually more than one human.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are typically used for banquets or activities, and are great options for temporary, portable seating. Such chairs are easy to set up, store and take down for future occasions. 

Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs offer space-saving functionality, as they stack together quickly when not in use. These options are also compact and usually lightweight, making them an ideal option for office guests ‘ wedding seats, fundraiser seats and extra seats.