Different Types of Treatments for Detoxification In New Jersey

There are different types of treatments when it comes to detoxifying oneself from harmful drugs that have plagued their lives for a good period of time. These drugs affect the user so much so that their quality of life greatly diminishes, and they are no longer able to do anything in their lives. From working to having a genuine conversation, all these seem to be a great chore for people that are drug abusers. They aren’t drug users by choice exactly, it is the circumstances and the lack of knowledge of what these drugs can do to them that makes them hooked on it—it becomes their comfort zone, their cushion exactly. That is the thing about drugs, they make you feel good for a while, and when the effects wear off, they can double down in the opposite direction and make the user frustrated and angry. The only way to calm them at that moment is to give them the same drugs, and the cycle keeps on going.

This sight is not a very lively sight for anyone who has a loved one suffering from this horrible disease. It is a disease that harms the lives of people around the drug abuser. But, despite there being so many drawbacks and hurdles related to a drug abuser, there are also many ways, numerous treatments that can help a person go back to normal and live their life normally, similar to how they used to.

Numerus Types of Detox Treatments

Researchers have divided the treatments into a few segments just to cater to specific cases that can align with the treatment. These treatments keep on evolving and changing. Small elements in each treatment tend to be different from the same treatment provided by a different detox center. There are many New Jersey Detox Centers, all of them offer numerous treatments and many of them start the treatment of curing drug addiction with the detox process which is managed by a medical staff. This stage of the treatment for drug addiction is called as the “first stage”. The detox process is a process where the body completely gets the drugs out of itself, this process is tailored in such a way that dangerous withdrawal symptoms are managed with ease which are the reason why many patients tend to keep on relapsing because the withdrawal symptoms are very hard to handle and control all by the drug abuser.

Detoxification is just the first step, there are many steps to it that come afterwards which cater the drug abuser’s mind and help them by psychological and physically normal enough so they can continue their life as they seem fit. 

The Following Are the Types of Detox Treatments:

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment happens at a place of someone’s home, where medical staff and medical equipment is shifted to help the patient recover from drug addiction through the detox process first. This treatment can last from 6 to 12 months depending upon the severity of the situation.

Outpatient Treatment

This type is similar to residential treatment but involves more services. The patient goes to the rehab center in the morning and comes home later. Because of this reason it has a low rate of success but is affordable as compared to residential treatment. It is perfect for someone who has mild addiction.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is the treatment that seems to work the most out of the three. It consists of the patient stay at the medical rehab facility for a specific period of time. All the services related to rehab are available 24/7, medical staff is always there to help with the extreme withdrawal symptoms, it has the highest rate of success.