Digital Marketing Course Online

Digital Marketing Course Online With Certification & Job

Digital Marketing Course Online

Digital Marketing is the pillar of every industry. Do you know the power that Digital Marketing holds? Even if you operate an offline business, you must be linked to the Internet. The profit ratio of the company depends on digital marketing. Have anyone advised you to take the digital marketing course? After seeing the importance and demand of digital marketing, it is crucial to know about the Digital marketing course. More information on online digital marketing courses with certifications and jobs can be found on the blog.

About Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing can also be termed Internet Marketing. It uses the internet to promote products and services in various parts of the world. People use digital technologies like computers, laptops, and mobiles to do digital marketing. Marketing can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Like some people use social media, and some prefer E-mail marketing. For example-while, by scrolling through the Instagram handle, you may learn about new products through advertisements provided by the company. So people are eager to know and buy the product by seeing through a digital medium.

Importance of Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing facilitates not only awareness but also engagement, both before and after the sale. Customers can easily approach the buyer by calling customer support service.
  • It aids in increasing the number of customers and the regularity with which they shop. Digital marketing builds a strong relationship between buyer and seller by regularly updating the products and services.
  • It will enable social sharing and will bring several benefits.
  • Digital marketing keeps buyers interested by delivering the correct offers at the right time.
  • Digital marketing is inexpensive, and you may test new strategies to see how they affect your organization.
  • It reduces customers’ traveling time and provides various options on their website.

Lists of Digital Marketing Courses Online 

Are you thinking of taking the digital marketing course online? Many institutes are providing digital marketing courses online with placement opportunities. Students and Professionals are eager to learn new skills and upgrade themselves in the digital world. Top institutes providing Digital Marketing Courses online are:

  • Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a top Global Edtech company in the United States and India. It is identified as an Online training institute for upskilling and reskilling. Digital Marketing Courses are among the best that the institute offers. Above all, it includes a 7-in-1 course, making it an award-winning institute. The institute also ranks at the top, publishing names in the world’s top newspapers.

Why should you select Henry Harvin for Digital Marketing?

  • Live training-The institute provides 40 hours of live instruction as part of the Digital Marketing course. Students can get the recorded sessions if they want to re-watch the digital marketing course.
  • Internship Opportunities- After completing your live sessions successfully, take advantage of assured internship support for practical experience.
  • Certification- Raise your profile with the course’s global credential. It demonstrates your knowledge of the Digital Marketing industry.
  • Placement- Enrol in the institute’s top work facilities after one year of successful completion.
  • E-learning Access- If you have spare time, browse the website for the best learning resources.
  • Bootcamps- Regular boot camps will be held over the next 12 months to keep motivation strong.
  • Membership- You will be a 1-year Gold member of the Henry Harvin (Digital Marketing) course.

Digital Marketing Course Module:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Effective Webpage Designing
  • SEO, SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Complimentary Modules

Other Courses offered:

Institute also offers other courses which upskill the students. Some of the popular courses are:

  • Content Writing
  • Language Courses
  • Lean Six Sigma Course
  • Tableau Course
  • IIDE

IIDE is the top digital marketing training institute that provides its courses online.IIDE offers different digital marketing programs to candidates. One of the popular courses is MBA in Digital Marketing. The duration of the course, as per the IIDE course curriculum, is 11 months. Institute also provides an online digital marketing course consisting of four months. Institute ranks at the top in giving the best placement support to the candidate. It caters for the needs of every individual with its quality training. It also offers short-term certification courses related to digital marketing to the students.IIDE provides various services to the tutor and students.

  • Udemy

With its global community, Udemy provides a great series of course systems. Everyone believes that Udemy comes under the best platform to offer various courses. Udemy provides the complete Digital Marketing course in twenty hours. The course price is very affordable as it costs 699/-.College students can choose a course on Udemy based on the course period and score. Udemy is a global platform that saves time for different students and professionals by offering online courses and allowing them to choose the best method. So, based on their knowledge and experience, they can choose the course and begin reading.

  • Intellipaat

Intellipaat provides a unique approach to learning the Digital marketing course. It collaborates with SME institutions to provide students with the best training possible. The institute holds mock interview sessions to help students find the finest employment. There are various digital marketing courses offered, such as:

  • Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Analytics – CCE IIT Madras
  • PG program in Digital Marketing- Belhaven University
  • Social Media Marketing Courses

The institute provides unique training under top industry experts’ guidance. People enjoy learning online through the best faculty from all corners of the world.

  • Coursera

Coursera is one of the best education platforms for learning about digital marketing courses. Coursera collaborates with nearly 200 universities and organizations. It provides simple, reasonable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and businesses worldwide. They offer to learn alternatives ranging from hands-on projects and journals to job-specific certification and diploma programs. It provides the Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional certificate programs. The course is six months and consists of knowledge for beginner-level candidates. The professional certificate helps the students to get the desired jobs and know about the different tools which will help in digital marketing. Top industrial experts will teach about portfolio making and regarding the practical approach to Digital Marketing.

  • Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy has globally recognized credentials in 5 languages; you can demonstrate your abilities and stand out to potential and current employers. Creating a HubSpot Academy account is free and provides unrestricted access to our entire education library and free software products. It contains free digital marketing courses consisting of four hours of digital marketing videos. After subscribing to the course, students can get the basic knowledge and start learning it.

Job-Related to Digital Marketing

Often people are afraid at the start regarding a career in Digital marketing. But day by day, digital marketing is taking complete control of the market by replacing the traditional market. There are different roles available to work for Digital marketers. Some of them are:

  • Intern in Digital Marketing

They work as per the demand of the company. They research the online content and work for their website and pages.

  • Social Media Specialist

They are responsible for handling the social media pages of the different customers. They target their audience and work according to the social media algorithm.

  • Copywriter

A copywriter works with written content to generate sales for the company by providing different website content, captions, blogs, and advertisement emails.

  • Graphic Designers

They create visually appealing content which gives information to the clients. With the help of software programs, they design different pamphlets and brochures for companies.

  • SEO Specialist

The work of an SEO specialist is to rank the company’s website at the top. They do keyword research and provide unique content to the readers.


Digital marketing courses provide many opportunities to upgrade their career. Many people learn this course and start freelancing by working under top clients. As traditional marketing is replaced, there is a high demand for digital marketers in every industry. The course certifications help the candidates to get the best job in the digital marketing field. Even it helps to upgrade their CV and work as a second income source. The duration and the level of the course are framed according to the different demands of the students. Students can research more about the period after completing one introductory course. Digital marketing course online is opening a new gateway for the innovative mind.


  1. What is the salary of a digital marketer?

As per the research data, the average salary of a digital marketer is INR 2-6lakhs per annum.

2. What are the qualifications for a digital marketer?

Any candidate can learn digital marketing skills. They must have basic computer knowledge to pursue the course.

3. Is a Digital Marketing course very tough?

No, the course consists of various topics which are quite exciting and says a lot about the marketing ground.

4. What subjects will be covered in the digital marketing course?

SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and other topics are covered in digital marketing.

  1. Can I take the Digital marketing course after my graduation?

Yes, the course can be done after completing graduation.