Digitization of Educational Framework in CBSE Schools: A Rewarding Approach for Future

 As a futuristic step aimed to better a student’s life, CBSE schools have openly embraced the concept of digitization for one and all learners. Such an approach has not only made it possible to simply teaching method but also contribute towards reducing paperwork and smart handling of files and folders, through e foiling system and beyond. The approach towards digitizing the entire framework of delivering the essentials of education, top CBSE schools also evaluate the quality of classroom lectures keeping in terms with the guidelines of the curriculum. Here’s a look at CBSE schools and the changing facade of education within a digital environment.

Digital Boards and Smart Classrooms

Bygone are the days when the blackboard and white chalk ruled the roost of a teacher’s communication with students. As a welcome change, digital boards and smart tech classrooms have replaced the outdated mode of teaching for good. As such, teachers have adopted several audio-video aids to illustrate a concept, thus making it easier for students to form a strong grasp over things. Besides, the evaluation process has also received an impetus in terms of transparency, as the marks of an exam are now being directly uploaded to a portal instead of being couriered to one’s place, which does save time. Furthermore, such a system in place has also made it possible for the board to check, compile and process the results faster. As of now, the process has been restricted to be implemented for the 10th and 12th standards only and is soon to be introduced for lower standards as well. As such, CBSE as the governing body has steered clear from interfering with the own jurisdiction of a school. Reportedly, schools have been making use of their IT resources real well while evaluating, storing as well as reviewing all data related to marks. The chief objective of the board is to conduct the exams of the 10th and 12th class in a transparent manner and timely declaration of results for good.

Parents Supporting the Idea of Digitisation

While it’s the primary duty of teachers to enhance the learning experience for students, parents too play a pivotal role in garnering adequate support. Teachers in CBSE schools in Siliguri like Sri Sri Academy and all over India underwent extensive training in IT and other digital mediums to be able to deliver the best academic experience for the classroom. Within a very short span of time, teachers were able to pick up the tools need to impart day to day lessons in class and since then have been planning and preparing their lesson plans under minimal supervision. On the other hand, parents too have been widely supported and have welcomed the idea of digitization as their children are getting to know the means to use technology, not just for the sake of recreation or entertainment, but to study in an enhanced manner.

What Are The Odds?

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate elements of digitization is the inability to understand the limitation of technology for teachers, students and parents alike. In essence, CBSE school authorities should be well adept to put a check on the tech-enabled learning process being used by teachers and students at large. Mere relying on technology will only promote negative aspects of its usage and students will tend to become more and more mechanical, which is never recommended under any circumstances. Generally speaking, the CBSE curriculum for classes 1 to 5 is regarded to be a little tough for the learners. However, the curriculum has been effectively designed by famous educationists after spending hours studying and assessing situations at large which will help unravel a child’s true potential to recognize the self-worth and perform on the same line. Also, in CBSE schools the curriculum is being changed regularly to ensure the learner stay abreast of all latest happenings, build good IQ level and learn in accordance to the global standard being set all across the world. Besides, an updated curriculum also acts as a solid foundation for students to write competitive exams and come out with flying colors. All such factors contribute equally before the final curriculum is being chalked out. It is to be realized that academic education doesn’t end with a child securing good marks in exams. Instead, the main objective of academics should be to apply the acquired knowledge to help support benevolent causes for society as well as the country. While studies are given paramount importance, CBSE board also puts equal focus on sports and a host of extracurricular activities for all-round development.

Major Challenges Faced By the Board

One of the major challenges for CBSE board seems to be strengthening the schools under its ambit in attaining and maintaining quality. No matter what, CBSE has always been one step ahead to be uncompromising in terms of academic affairs and extracurricular activities in tandem. The focus is to develop the overall personality of students across a wide range of activities (sports, quizzes, drama state-wide events), besides formal academics. CBSE has always given sports an upper hand to any other activities as they believe that it makes a student healthy and also functions to increase one’s concentration in studies as well, owing to good blood circulation that little to moderate sports activities provide for.


With knowledge being everywhere and in almost everything, a student is required to figure out the right kind of ideas for him to succeed in life. One must understand that while a formal education is of utmost importance, the chief objective should not be scoring good marks. Instead, one should always focus to gather knowledge and find a practical application for the same. That life is a book and one is always a student for life is seldom understood and realized by people. Being a good learner in a way makes it all the way worthwhile and easy to emerge as a good citizen who holds a respect for his fellow men, country, parents and society, teachers and others. That’s where lay the essence of effective learning.