Do I Really Need a Certified Translator?

Certified translations are those that come with signed documents specifying the translator’s competency and that the translation is complete and accurate. Certified translations are supposed to be mirror images of the original work, including seals, trademarks, notations, quotes, and other information plus their location in the document. Generally, if you see a requirement of a ‘certification of Accuracy’ or ‘certified translation’ you need to get certified translation services. There are several instances where a certified translation is not entirely crucial, for instance:

  • Translating web content and blogs
  • Marketing materials and advertising copy
  • Product labels
  • Employee handbooks and HR benefits
  • Restaurant menus
  • Personal documents and materials

6 Reasons Why You May Need a Certified Translation

In International Business Dealings

If you are working with overseas business, you will submit invoices, licenses, and business registration documents that are certified in the new language. Anything from advertising and marketing to purchasing assets or setting up a subsidiary abroad will require documentations to be all translated and certified. Getting these documents translated correctly will ensure a smooth transition to your international job venture.

Regulatory bodies overseas such as the Food and Drug Administration will also require certified translations of product data and company information as part of their requirements. If you are sending staff abroad, they will require certified translations of their personal identification, work visas, medical records, bank statements, and other documents as required.

In Court Proceedings

Most courts require that all documents serving as evidence be certified by an expert or authenticated before presentation in a court of law. Once a document is translated and certified, it becomes a legal record. A certified translator will be able to understand your jurisdictions’ requirements and will accommodate them as they translate your documents. 

In case you are having a jury trial, they will take you seriously if you provide expert translation rather than a simple Google Translation printout. If your opponent is using expert translation services, you will easily rebut any suspicions of inaccurate translations.

Automated Systems Do Not Get It All Right

A service like Google Translate can be helpful for informal settings and simple conversations. However, when you work with evidentiary, business, or financial documents, Google Translate is not reliable because it does not capture contexts. Mistakes with such documents can be costly, leading to an unprofessional image, lost court cases, and lost clients. Even worse, you might find yourself liable in case you rely on an inaccurate translation and clients sue for damages.

To Immigrate into A Foreign Country

If you are applying for a temporary visitor’s permit or want to live in another country, you will need to submit certified translations of all the required documents. For instance, in the United States, the immigration bureau requires that all documents not in English be translated and certified except the passport. 

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations, documents must be translated in full of all the details on every page, and the translation should match the original document in terms of stamp placement, seals, and signatures.

When Submitting Documents to a Government or Legal Agency

You are likely to interact with government offices when applying for a job, filing tax returns, or obtaining a driving license or other government services. If any government body such as the IRS requests document submissions, they must be translated and certified. Providing certified documents ensures that legal transactions with these bodies proceed smoothly and avoids a scenario where the document has costly mistakes.

To Study Abroad

Universities and colleges abroad that issue scholarships to foreign students require them to forward certified translations of their academic documents such as certificates, transcripts, diplomas, recommendations, and clearance forms. Others may request the original and the translated version. A qualified certified translator will deliver these documents as replicas of each other while ensuring that all signatures and fine details are maintained in the finished work.

What Kinds of Documents Do Certified Translators Specialize In?

All certified translation firms can translate the following documents:

  • Academic credentials (certificates and transcripts)
  • Articles and memorandum of associations
  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates
  • Marriage licenses
  • Adoption paperwork
  • Police reports
  • Power of attorney
  • Wills, contracts, and court transcripts
  • Commercial invoices, bills of lading, and other documents of international trade
  • Distribution agreements
  • FDA and USDA documents
  • Patents
  • Blueprints and technical documents
  • Medical reports and autopsies

Where Can I Go to Get Certified Translation Services?

To get quality certified translation services, consider working with a firm that has sufficient information in offering certified document translations. In the US, anyone can certify a translated work, which makes your task of identifying an experienced agency more crucial. You should know that a certified translation and a certified translator are different. 

A certified translator is one that has passed exams and received a certification from the American Translators Association, or any other regulatory organization. To ensure the document is accurate and for your peace of mind, consider getting a certified translator to handle the job for you seamlessly and efficiently.

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