Monday, September 26 , 2022

Do You Shower Every Day? Science Says You Need To Stop – THIS Is Why


Hygiene is a practice that has run away from the public. Everyone wants to be clean, seem fresh and smell great. This desire is influenced by advertisements and fear of judgement. The University of California San Diego School Of Medicine conducted a study revealing that showering too often isn’t healthy or necessary.

Soap removes natural oils from your skin, causing it to become dry and rough. Shampoos strip oils from your scalp and follicles, causing dry and weaker hair. While there are conditioning and moisturizing products available, they are a poor substitute for what you body would naturally make.

Our bodies are more than capable of keeping itself clean. When you shower, you are trying to clean off the dirt, excess grease, and malodorous bacteria. What ends up happening in the shower process is that you remove the top layer of dead skin that protects the layers underneath. By breaking this layer up you also remove the fats and lipids responsible for moisturizing.

Every time you shower and scrub yourself, you break down this layer. The more often you scrub the more the damage accumulates. Besides healthy skin being dried out and left without protection. There are bacteria that are good for the body that get removed from scrubbing yourself down excessively. These bacteria are vital for protecting your skin and stopping infections. The same can be said for the scalp. It needs natural oils and the presence of beneficial bacteria to thrive.

You only need to shower and scrub every other day or so. in between scrub sessions, You can rinse off sweat and dirt. You should clean your groin, underarms and feet anytime you shower. You can skip the rest as the bacteria you skin invites will keep those areas healthy.

Embracing this regimen can take a little adjusting to but after a short while you’ll feel much softer and comfortable. You will also save money on water, soaps and lotions. This method will also allow you to smell more like you (in a good way), instead of a collage of commercial scents.

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