E-commerce SEO Guide

E-commerce SEO Guide: How Online Stores Can Improve Their Reach of Organic Traffic?

E-commerce SEO GuideWith 90% of the world’s population Googling things before buying them, it becomes necessary for your brand to show up on the search engine result page. If your brand doesn’t show up on the SERPs, you will end up losing qualified and interested e-commerce customers. 

That is where e-commerce SEO comes into the picture. Ecommerce SEO is how you can improve your online store visibility in the SERP. As a result, you can draw more traffic to your website. It even helps you optimize your content headlines, product description, internal link, and navigational structure for providing a better user experience.

Going through the below-mentioned tips can help you better understand what you would need to do while performing e-commerce SEO. Besides, you can even opt for an SEO expert in Adelaide for accurate results.  

  •  Keyword Usage

If you are willing to draw organic traffic to your website, you must implement targeted keywords into your content strategy. 

Keywords are an indispensable part of the entire process for an SEO expert. Its proper usage can do wonders for your brand, while its no usage can hurt your brand. 

To get optimum results from its usage, you need to identify the right ones that would help you hold rank on different search pages. Plus, you would also require understanding the buyer’s persona, especially the ones you are targeting. This will help you understand what they generally type while searching, helping you formulate accurate keywords. 

You can use various tools available to perform keyword research or even reach out to an SEO expert in Adelaide for help.  

  • Keep an Eye on Your Competitors 

If you want to surpass your competitors, you must be aware of what they are adding to their SEO process to improve their rank. By using page authority and even domain authority, you can take a look at your competitor’s pages. This might even help you collect the keywords they hold a rank from. 

However, if you feel that their page should rank higher than yours, it is not worth trying to compete against them. Instead, try to utilize original keywords that you think would help you go after your competitors and outrank them. An SEO expert would be the best resource to implement this for you. 

  • Optimization for Cellphone Users

Over time, the usage of cell phones has drastically increased. Hence, it is important for brands, especially those who solely operate one online platform, to optimize their website for cellphone users. 

This would help you to draw those customers who use cell phones to perform online transactions. And by providing a better user experience, you can even retain this untouched section of users. 

Two things to bear in mind when optimizing your site for cellphone users:

  • Page speed: the longer your page takes to load, the more users you lose. You can leverage your browser caching, optimize your images, and cut down on redirects to improve the page speed. 
  • Site layout: since all layout models can show up on cell phones, be cognizant of it while selecting your site layout. 
  • Focus on Crafting Engaging Content –

Crafting engaging content is a challenge for most businesses. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to drive maximum traffic to your website organically. When you build an online social presence, what is the fundamental element that will lure the audience? It’s content! The value your target audience is obtaining through the content matters. 

Leverage it to the maximum by researching relevant keywords, aiming to clear up the audience’s dilemma and increase readability. Then, please give it a spin by crafting it in a humorous, still informative way, ultimately engaging the audience. If you’re smart enough to please the audience through content, then it’s a masterstroke! Google’s algo is going to love you too. 

  • Ensure Your Website is Fast & Responsive 

According to SEO expert Neil Patel, 40% of people leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You can sense that the audience hates to wait for websites that take forever in loading. If this occurs very often, its repercussions would be a skyrocketing bounce rate. So make sure that your website is responsive and fast and doesn’t test the audience’s patience. 

Optimizing your pages to the most packed includes page structure, image file sizes, third-party plug-in functionality, etc. Faster loading will make you stand ahead of the competitors and boost your website’s overall functionality. 

  • Irresistible Headlines will Work Wonders

Have you ever read the whole blog on any website that you were not intended to just because a quirky or catchy headline caught your attention? It often happens when a person encounters a curious or attention-grabbing headline that compels them to read the whole article.

As they say, the first impression is the last; make sure you create a fabulous headline that makes the readers read the whole piece. On the other hand, sweating out yourself at crafting an engaging blog post with an extremely repelling headline will be a waste. 

  • Leverage LinkedIn 

For the professional workforce around the globe, one platform has changed the way people think of social media. And yes, it’s LinkedIn! But, it is much more than merely a platform to find a job. In recent years, LinkedIn has grown as the most prominent place where people showcase their professional skills. 

People are engaged in developing their personal brands, providing valuable content to the connections and whatnot. It’s the best way to boost your website traffic and enhance your reach to a targeted audience.


To improve your conversion rates, you need to draw people to your website. Begin by hiring an expert SEO expert to ensure complete guidance throughout the princess. Besides, you can react to an SEO expert in Adelaide at any time, even when you are doing things yourself.


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