Electric bicycle price- Everything you ever wanted to know!

When you heard about the electric bicycle, you might be thinking about something like a motorcycle or electric moped. But no, it is a bicycle that ultimately looks like a conventional one, but the power is unreal. No, electric bicycle is not for replacing human it just improvises the human strength. When you go to hills, you can get the added power and not feel exhausted. It makes your enjoyment much better. So, now you know about the electric bike and want to follow the electric bicycle price. Here are things that people often have questions about the electric bicycle.

Electric bicycle price

The motor

The motor is the most critical part of an electric bicycle. Its power and performance most of the times decide how the price of bicycle will cost. If you think that I will somehow manage with an average powerful motor, then the price is not going to break your balance. But if you are particular about getting the best thing, then go for an expensive one.

There are two types of motors that are the hub and mid-drive motors. They come in with a fair share of both advantages and disadvantages. What matters most is their power. The standard electric bicycle has power start from 250 to highest 750 watts. The more power it gives, the more responsive the bike gets. The experience of riding gets better when the motor is better. so invest wisely on it.

Do I need more power?

It is essential to know your requirements. It will help you save some money. If you do not need it, don’t get it. If you are someone who loves to go to cycling to the hill areas where there are many steep hills, then get a powerful motor. You will quickly ride without pedaling too hard.

Also, do not fall for power output alone. Both mid drive and sub motors have different abilities. The mid-drive generates higher torque than hub one though their power output is the same. So look at the torque as well. If you think you want more power you can also go for electric moped but remember that it requires drivers’ license.

Battery- the source of power

The battery is the source of power for your electric battery. It is also a critical factor in the price of an electric bike. You will maybe go far away from home for cycling so the battery should be able to provide you with some extra power supply throughout the day. Standard batteries are lightweight, rechargeable lithium batteries and power efficient.


The duration of the battery charge depends on the power you have used. Suppose you will go to hills there will be steep hills, and the electric bicycle will use more power to power up. This situation will take up more battery charge than you enjoying a peaceful ride in your parking lot. An average battery can provide 20 to 50 miles, and this will go up if the battery prices go up as well.

Upgraded bicycle components

If you are not happy with the qualities of your present bicycle, you can upgrade the bicycle. It will bring you lightweight bicycle components with more power. The durability increases to a great extent and ensures a smoother ride.

For example, expensive suspension forks will be stronger, will respond to change in terrain and will be more rugged than a cheap one. But again, you need to know your need. If you plan on going office by the electric bicycle that will not require the heavy-duty component at all.


Last but not least is material. The frame that you see is making the shape of the electric bicycle matters for the prices. Cheap and low-quality frames are heavy and not durable at all. The high-quality bikes will be stronger, lighter and more durable.

The importance of investing in some high quality is undeniable. The frame is the skeleton of the bike. You are investing so much on the motor, material and all but did not care about the frame. Then one day, other things will work fine, and your frame will collapse.

There are cheap copies of brand bicycles that look the same as the branded ones. But the performance and durability collapse after some time because of the worst material quality. Do not even think of getting things like this. It looks like   you are saving your pennies, but in reality, you are throwing money to garbage

Maintenance cost matters!

When you buy a good quality electric bicycle, it does not just mean you are good to go for entire life. Wish it could be like that, but there are some particular things that you need to consider the maintenance cost. You may need brake adjustments for $20 to $35. Also, some tune-up may be needed every six months for $75 to $100. But the maintenance will be worth for the durability and smooth ride.

Here comes the price

The prices range varies from brand to brand and the quality that they put on the electric bike. The price range is from $400 to $2000. Look for reputed brands that have years of experience in this field.

But the sticker price is not the only thing that you should consider alone. Add the maintenance cost and compare with the value you are getting from it. If it seems wise to you, then go for it. But never compromise with security measure and maintenance charging ever. Some brands provide low maintenance materials for the bicycle. If maintenance seems like an issue, go for those brands.


An electric bicycle is a good investment that you will use for a long time. If you can save up some money for the perfect one, then your passionate cyclist mind will feel good. Go for it by comparing the prices and specifications in online marketplaces. Not everything expensive is of excellent quality. You will rediscover the joy of cycling with the electric bicycle. Happy cycling!