Elevating Education At Best Brains Learning Centers

Elevating Education At Best Brains Learning Centers

Education is one of the essential pillars of society. Through education, children gain valuable insights and understanding of all kinds of activities around them: academic, social, emotional, and more. Contributing to quality education enables society’s evolution as a whole. The importance of education cannot be emphasized too much. But what is more important than education? The answer is quality education.

Elevating Education At Best Brains Learning Centers

Why Is Quality Education Important?

Quality education can be defined as a form of education that enables students to be equipped with the skills necessary to contribute to society. A quality education unlocks the doors of possibility for all of us. Not only for the knowledge and connections we acquire on our educational journey, but the confidence and perseverance which comes from studying and achieving in a supportive environment. Quality education creates the leaders of society, not just politicians and CEOs but supportive teachers, community organizers, and nurturing parents. These leaders work together for the collective good, not just for individual interests. Well-educated leaders share the advantages they have received and lower society’s barriers to partake in them.

Imparting quality education at a young age.

The window to see the best results, or in other words, the most effective time, is during the child’s formative years, generally between the ages of 2 to 15. But why is that time so important? Well, this time can be called the major developmental stage, as this is the period when children go through profound changes: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their growing physique and intellect need to be conditioned; a healthy diet and exercise regimen can provide nourishment and developmental support for the physical, while emotional and social learning can satiate and sharpen the mental and emotional understanding. But what is considered to be the best method of providing quality education?

A Balanced Approach to Practical Learning

Contemporary educational models continue the old tradition of repetitive rote learning. This traditional method has proven inefficient, and many experts state that such teaching methods may negatively impact a child’s development. In contrast, the most effective method applies a balanced approach to learning, using many different methods to convey ideas. By focusing on understanding over memorization, this methodology encourages higher-level thinking, builds connections between concepts, and aids in the retention of knowledge throughout life. One such program that utilizes this teaching method is Best Brain Learning Centers.

Proven Learning Methodologies

Best Brain Learning Centers is a network of community learning centers that works as a platform to support children’s growth. This distinguished learning platform provides weekly instruction for students in Math, English, Coding, and more through activities which support and enhance students’ progress in their traditional schooling. Classes at Best Brains Learning Centers start after children end their regular school day. The centers augment the children’s education in an environment that promotes learning through 1-on-1 instruction with real teachers. The educational experience that Best Brains Learning Centers provides is supported by a curriculum that academic experts have designed to provide maximum effect in educating eager young minds. 

Brothers Ajay and Anil Sunkara and Anil Uppalapati founded Best Brains. The founders of Best Brains primarily focused on enhancing a child’s overall academic development. They have successfully enabled this by offering effective programs in various subjects. For example, the Math and English programs at Best Brains are suited best for children between the ages of 3-14, while the programs such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Coding, and Test Prep support children of any learning level starting at ages 5 to 7.

Locations Around the US and Canada

Best Brains Learning Centers opened their doors in May 2011, with Naperville and Schaumburg, IL being the first locations. The platform began further expansion in 2013 with a franchising program to share the brand across the US. Currently, there are over 130 locations across North America. These locations include cities in the US such as Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, San Francisco, Charlotte, and Toronto, Canada, among many others.  

Best Brains Learning Centers has been recognized as an industry leader in encouraging childhood enrichment through its practical approach to education. Best Brains provides a non-repetitive approach with 1-on-1 attention to each child from qualified educators, where students are immersed in a fun and interactive learning environment. Students benefit from daily homework and weekly instructions that effectively reinforce concepts. Best Brains teachers facilitate students’ overall academic growth, elevating the education experience for their students.