Elton John’s 6 Best Songs

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, a.k.a Sir Elton Hercules John, comes with a complete package of singer, writer, pianist, and composer. Considered one of the most successful British artists, Elton John has more than 50 hits. Elton John Songs has ranked top in the UK chart and US. Over time, his voice transformed from tenor to baritone, which is partly why Elton John Songs are so good. Classical and gospel music are some of his biggest influences. Here are top Elton John hits of all time.

  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)

Elton sold more than 30 million copies over all, of the album at the time. Goodbye, yellow brick road played a pivotal role in those immense sales. The song’s title was inspired by The Wizard of Oz. It speaks of one man’s burning desire to go back to the plow. The mood of the song has made it a favorite of the middle age and older members of society. But anyone can enjoy the song in their unique way. 

  • Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (1973)

Despite performing modestly compared to other hits, this song is one of Elton John’s most known. Another ballad masterpiece, Saturday night’s alright for fighting, can get every muscle moving. Elton John even had the song dedicated to a musical number in his biographical film Rocketman

  • Funeral for a Friend/Loves Lies Bleeding (1973)

The song runs for a record of 11 minutes, with huge instrumental elements. Elton gave a rather weird statement about the song. He says that it is what he’d love to hear at his funeral. The last bit of the title loves lies bleeding, which is a result of combining the instrumental with another song. It has seen many live performances globally despite it not being single. It might well be the only company you need in the car for a not-so-lonely road trip. I wouldn’t risk advising to play at your funeral, but you could honor a departed friend with it. But if you are one of those fellows with an incurable death phobia, please skip to the next song.

  • Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time) (1972)

Rocketman portrayed Elton’s gradual change from a pop school kid to an adventurous pop scientist. He noted that the song gives him some space fever. It was inspired supposedly by something he saw in the sky. The artist traveled through time in the song and brought us with him a masterpiece. 

  • Tiny Dancer (1971)

Tiny Dancer received more votes as the most preferred Elton John song than any other. But the song has had its fair share of challenges. It flopped when it was released in the United States. Being the genius he is, Elton had it featured in the film Almost Famous. It is what made the song popular and remains so. Tiny Dancer has become the anthemic tune in popular culture. 

  • Your Song (1970)

The song triggered a sudden rush for Elton’s songs and earned him instant fame. He wrote the lyrics back in 1969 at his mother’s kitchen. He would struggle to get his work noticed for another two years when Your Song started getting airplay. The lyrics’ simplicity and humble beginning make the song quite inspirational to listeners and upcoming artists. 

Elton John dominated the pop charts between 1970 and 1975. The artist defied all the odds to create the best non-singles ever. It is the most iconic element of Elton’s music, which makes him unique. Despite new developments in the music industry, Elton John Songs remain a force to reckon with globally.