Victorian Greenhouse

Exaco Victorian Greenhouse: Why You Should Get One?

Victorian Greenhouse


Exaco Victorian Greenhouse features the best quality and most reliable greenhouses that showcase different Victorian designs that will surely add an old-fashioned English-style vibe to your backyard.

Exaco Greenhouses only provides first-class quality work and materials in building these classic structural masterpieces. Its main benefits include producing a high-quality environment for the plants and promoting better farming and crop production.

It also protects the plants against harmful outside forces such as extreme climate and UV light. Exaco Greenhouses aims to produce a conducive and sufficient environment for plants to enhance their growth potential. These Victorian greenhouses can also be used for leisure purposes, such as backyard unwinding areas, which are great for adding a royal ambiance along with nature.

Exaco Victorian Greenhouse collection prices range from $9,000 to $20,000, which suffice the entirety of the great quality innovation we provide. It also comes available in different colors and old-fashioned furnishing styles that will surely suit your preferences.

Greenhouse technology has long been utilized in farming and crop production. This technology provides a better environment for plants to prosper. In addition, it blocks excess UV lights and stabilizes the climate indoors. Lastly, it promotes comfort and prosperity.

Victorian Greenhouse Framework

Exaco Victorian Greenhouses are made with versatile and strong materials that resist heavy winds and strong objects. The heavy-duty aluminum framework provides the greenhouse with more strength and durability.

Every glass panel surrounding the greenhouse is rubber sealed to strengthen it against outside forces. The aluminum reinforcement protects the greenhouse from front to back. There are two options for the walls: Polycarbonate and tempered glass. Each of these wall types has its advantages and benefits.

The Victorian greenhouse promotes the best ventilation by installing several roof and louver windows powered by the Automatic Window Opener. It also includes a misting system, large gutter, and downspouts.

Exaco Victorian Greenhouse is much more than its iconic attractive exterior; it is also built to have a superior framework. In addition, the glass is made to provide a high level of safety and greater insulation quality, best designed to withstand destructive forces. The Victorian greenhouse interior is also equipped with space and embodies a classic inspiration, thus creating an ambiance of tranquility.

Victorian Greenhouse Design

Exaco Victorian Greenhouse features a classic Victorian-inspired style with seemingly archaic furnishings and caricatures. The greenhouses come in different colors, mainly; white, black, and dark green, which blend well with the surrounding environment.

This version of the Exaco collection was first introduced in 1999 and later became one of the most iconic themes in the Exaco Greenhouse collection. The designs range from minimalistic to a grand Victorian style that panders to everyone’s preferences.

The Exaco Victorian Greenhouse is one of the top-rated greenhouse producers in the Helios line of greenhouses from Janssens, Belgium. The company has been building high-quality glass greenhouses for over 30 years.

The Victorian model was first introduced in 1999, and since then, they have become one of the leading suppliers of Victorian-style greenhouse all over Europe. The Exaco Victorian-style greenhouse has been one of the most sought-after designs in the Exaco Greenhouse collection.

This classic Victorian-inspired greenhouse is conducive to any background greenery setting. It is built with a uniquely made material: polycarbonate walls that are advantageous in blocking harmful UV light and, therefore, creating a diffused light environment.


When you consider a greenhouse, first, you should be aware of how durable you need your greenhouse to be. Exaco Victorian Greenhouse houses assure the most durable and efficient line of greenhouses in the market.

Aside from investing in protection for your harvest and crops, you should also consider aestheticism, which the Victorian Greenhouse promotes its beautifully crafted old-fashion English aesthetics.

The Exaco Victorian Greenhouse provides the best quality greenhouse environment and enriches a significant old-fashioned English-style structure that goes well with every backyard setting.

Exaco Greenhouse will continue to improve the overall framework and venture other designs into the collection of greenhouses. Since its initial release, the company has kept its price lower incomparable to its top-tier quality. The Victorian greenhouse is available in three different sizes and colors. It is also suitable for almost any backyard application.

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