Expert Review On Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower Strain

When Early Resin Bud and Sour Tsunami cross its result is the Sour Space Candy hemp flower. Crossbreeding of these two strains birthed to the trending and unique candied Apple flavor strain. Though this flower is a hybrid, the Sour Space Candy strain is more of a Sativa-dominant genetic make-up.

The CBD percentage in this strain is estimated to be an average of 19% while its THC percentage is about 0.1%. The Sour Space Candy hemp flower has a special flavor profile – a mixture of candied apple blended with a splash of a sour kick. This alone makes it different from other species. Here are some facts about why several individuals love to buy sour space candy strain.


The sour space candy strain buds are medium to large. Its buds are having a dark green shade with sprinkles of brownish hair on them. Structurally, the bud is in a beautiful masculine form and elliptical. There is a sticky feeling you get from a large number of resin in the bud, this is one feature that stands out the Sour Space Candy hemp flower.

Taste and Smell That Naturally Depicts Its Name

The smell of this strain is fused with a pungent and strong aroma. It’s similar to a tropical smell and like that of the amazons. It has a feel of citrus to and this can be proven when you bust up or grind the flower. The overall experience tells more about the aroma of the bud. Many of the strain enthusiasts can attest to this fact. In addition, the smell is so enticing that it makes you want to have more of it. 

It tastes just like the sweet candied apple which makes the sour space candy strain honest to its name. There is a little balance of cherry flavor included. The earthy undertones of the bud give an overall view of the flower and well complemented. It is a highly impressive and appealing flower strain. Many users were drawn to it due to its nice smell and taste. Sour space candy hemp flowers can be grown indoors.

Brief Genetics Trace of The Sour Space Candy Strain

The unique Sour space candy strain comes from Oregon and it’s one of the top best to come from that region this period. Its breeding is special and different from so many other strains. This alone accorded it a unique flavor and smell profile. β-Myrcene, farnesene, β-Caryophyllene, and a-Bisabolol are the top dominant terpenes found in this strain. Again, these terpenes are responsible for its strong flavor.

Just as said earlier, this strain is a result of crossbreeding the Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Bud. The strain is known to be one of the strains that are made to have a good percentage of CBD in it. When mixed with ERB, you’ll experience one of the most beautiful and unique strains you have ever used. You get a blend from the Sour Tsunami and ERB all packed in one fine strain.

So far this is an Oregon CBD, you can get the assurance that you will enjoy a top-quality strain. Oregon farmers are known for sourcing the best ingredients from across the world and are out to produce only the best hemp anyone can find in today’s market.

General Rating

Hemp flower lovers lookout for the Sour Space candy strain as a great option for good feeling and relaxation. It has a whole loaded package for its consumers. Beginning from its smell down to its taste and appearance, the strain is quite impressive. The bud is one of the top classy strains around the world and now the favorite for thousands of hemp flower lovers.