Four to five decades ago, an individual would have successfully got by without ever needing further education. Two to three decades ago, people thought that a bachelor’s degree would be enough for them to land their dream jobs. However, during present times, that is far from the case. Times are now changing, and there is immense competition in the market. So, why the sudden emphasis on getting further education and why you should get one too? Firstly, it will give you a decent raise in salary. The second reason is employers nowadays want their employees to hold numerous education degrees to apply for their desired job. If these reasons do not convince you to get one, we do not know what will change your mind.

As much cliché it may sound, your journey should start today because the future is now and not ten years from today. By earning a master’s degree, you will sacrifice a few years of your life. But, once you graduate, you will get them back in the form of hard-earned cash in your new and improved job. For the master’s degree you should watch out for in the year 2021, take a look at the list below:

  • Masters In Emergency And Hazard Management

 Emergency and hazard management studies are not a single topic. There are various ones in such a field. Emergency and hazard management studies focus on hazard management, risk mitigation, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery. Working in this field can net you upwards of 70,000 dollars per year. It is why experts regard it as one of the highest paying jobs in the year 2021.

Roles in this field include working as a homeland security officer, emergency services director, hurricane program manager, disaster recovery manager, and many more. You can also go for degrees like online masters in emergency management, as many universities offer online programs. Prerequisites to this program include getting a bachelor’s degree in risk management or any other related field. Other than that, you do not need to fulfill any other educational requirements.

  • Masters In Computer Science

With technology moving at light speed with every passing day, the demand for individuals holding a master’s in computer science is growing tenfold. Computer science graduates will have the opportunity to pursue a career in any technology-related field. Typically, the curriculum in the masters of computer science program includes both on-campus and online courses. These courses deal with web development, cybersecurity, software and systems engineering, intelligence systems, and computer science theory. 

Most individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in computer science can apply for a job as an IT specialist. However, suppose you want to see a bump in salary. In that case, you can complete a master’s and work as an information systems manager and earn around 143,000 dollars per year. 

  • Masters In Financial Management

A master’s in financial management will make them a valuable asset for every organization out there. And also for individuals who want control over their future and are well-driven to earn money. You can work as a financial analyst and help organizations manage their financial books and make a vast amount of money- 85,000 dollars per year to be accurate. And the job outlook in this field is only growing day by day, with an expected growth of 20 percent over the next ten years. 

Some other jobs you can apply for include insurance specialist, financial manager, and broker. At most universities, the curriculum will include forty semester hours and courses that deal with financial analysis, corporate finance, investment analysis, and financial market studies. To enroll in such a program, the applicant needs to have a reference, some previous finance-related work experience, and a bachelor’s degree in the field of business or finance. 

  • Masters In Marketing

There are a variety of jobs you can work when holding a master’s degree in marketing. Not to mention having access to thousands of concerts, events, and travel at the expense of your company. Nevertheless, the role of earning a master’s degree in marketing is to have control over the message that the audience sees. The curriculum involved in this field is time-consuming and rigorous. It includes around ten to fifteen courses that teach students public relations, organizational development, leadership communication, and marketing techniques. Holding a master’s in marketing will allow you to apply your trade as a marketing manager, which can net you upwards of 131,000 dollars per year. 


If you recently completed your undergraduate education or are looking for a pay raise, earning a master’s degree in your field can be the right decision for you. While the list of popular masters’ degrees in 2021 is a comprehensive one, you can know which one is right for you when you look at their curriculums. Focus on your objectives and what you wish to achieve in the coming ten years. It will allow you to have a sense of direction with your career and hopefully help you make the right educational choices.