Saturday, October 1 , 2022

Facebook Video Ads: 3 Tips To Maximize Your Returns

There are numerous social media channels operational today, but Facebook remains the king when it comes to advertising, for both B2B as well as B2C firms.

The social media platform has remained very consistent in making businesses achieve their social media engagement and lead generation goals.

With the soaring lucrativeness of Facebook, every other firm is trying to leverage it as their primary social marketing medium, especially paid Facebook video ads.

If you represent one of these firms, then you should definitely check out these tips/guidelines to maximize your returns out of Facebook video ads.

A Landing Page is a Must:

A prevalent mistake that marketers frequently commit is directly inviting the viewers of their Facebook ads to their website or the transaction page after their video ad.

What they generally don’t understand is that in majority cases a video ad fails to explicitly inform the consumer about the value offerings of the product.

Sure they do manage to create the much-required engagement, but the consumer always remains in a state of confusion after watching the video, as he fails to understand, what exactly is your product is offering.

Providing a landing page at the end of your video helps them to get rid of this confusion.

A landing page with a clear and precise heading/sub-heading would make your consumer have an exact idea of what your product is offering and make them more inclined towards visiting your website for purchase.

Adopt a Storytelling Approach in your Videos:

Its high time advertisers need to understand the real reason for which they create a video advertisement.

Videos are just not meant for direct communication of what your product offers your audience. You have a landing page for that.

If you want your Facebook video ads or any kind of video-based content in your digital marketing strategy to succeed, it’s high time that you introduce marketing content that has the ability to instigate a strong engagement/ emotional connection towards your product.

A very effective way is by adopting a storytelling approach in your video ads.

The two most popular approaches to video storytelling are humor and motivation based videos.

Your choice of video storytelling should primarily depend on your brand persona and the nature of your previous video ad campaigns.

However, it’s never advisable to take a humor-based approach if you have never used it previously, as initiating a humor based ad campaign suddenly, would render your customer confused, regarding what you are exactly trying to portray.

Telling a motivational story through your video ad is always the safer approach. This is because even if your video ad fails to garner the required engagement, it would definitely encourage the customer to connect with your brand on emotional grounds.

Always make Mobile-Friendly Videos:

Let’s tell you a staggering fact first: 88% of Facebook users access it through mobile-based devices.

Therefore, if your next Facebook ad is not in accordance with mobile device requirements, it’s as good as being non-existent on Facebook.

Ensure that your video ad has a vertical format to it so that mobile-based viewers can easily expand the video and watch it full-screen, without horizontally turning their phones.

This tiny and seemingly insignificant effort has the potential to improve your overall engagement numbers significantly.

Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is to make your video ads relatively less graphic intensive.

Considering their limited processing power, it’s better just to include basic levels of animation and multimedia, while designing an ad majorly catered to mobile devices.

Finally, you should also keep in mind that long-length videos are a big turnoff for mobile-based customers, as they inherently lack that patience level to watch a video that extends more than one and a half to two minutes.  

Besides, Facebook Video Ads, You can also use other Video Ad Networks to market your business online and reach your target audience with video Advertising.

Wrapping up…

As a piece of final advice, let’s talk about something that should be an inherent part of your Facebook strategy, and that is never defocusing your strategy from the customer persona that had initially created for your business.

Your target customer consumes numerous Facebook ads daily, and if your video is not being able to target you’re their pain point effectively, it would be just another one in the sea of videos that he casually browses away.