Family Camping Must-Haves

Family campings can be fun and exciting especially when summer vacation is fast approaching. Hence, due to excitement, some can become care-less and tends to forget important things necessary for camping to be enjoyable and stress-free. So here are some camping must-haves you need to bring. 

Camping Tent

Of course, camping would be no fun at all without a tent. Tents make camping trips so adventurous because you do not need to book for a hotel or an inn. Since it is a family camping there are tents that can accommodate 5 or more people inside with a sleeping bag in it. 

First-Aid Kit

More often than not, adventurous activities are also prone to any untoward incidents such as accidents and injuries. So, it is important to bring your family first aid kit. A first aid kit must contain things necessary for wound-cleaning such as alcohol, bandages, and cotton balls. Likewise, it must also contain medicines like aspirins, paracetamols and the likes for possible headaches, stomach aches, colds, and fever during campings. Lastly, insect repellants must be brought for you to prevent catching diseases carried by insects such as mosquitoes and the likes. 

Survival Kit

Besides the fun, family camping can also be exhausting that is why you also need to bring your survival kit. This kit, first and foremost, contains your food and water. Make sure that the food you will bring is your comfort food which is convenient to prepare and cook. Alongside the food and drinks, you might need to bring your own cups or food containers. Secondly, you have to bring your best survival knife that can be used for a lot of purposes such as in food preparation and hiking. You may be able to cut branches or tall grasses along the way. Open your canned goods, cut or slice fruits and vegetables, clean fish that you might catch from streams or rivers. Included also in this kit are flashlights and lighters especially at night. Lighter are also helpful in cooking when you do not know how to make fire from dried leaves or wood. You might want to consider bringing camping stoves, tables, and chairs to make your camping comfy and cute.

Camping Clothes

Campings can sometimes become loaded because you bring many things and what you wear can either make it difficult or easy for you to carry your things. Therefore, bring clothes that are useful for camping. First your top and pants must be lightweight but tough enough to protect you from scratches, insect bites, and tall grasses. Also, your clothes must be easy to wash and dry. Second, your footwear must be the kind that can be used in hiking. The one that can stick to slippery soil can be submerged to water and tough enough to protect your feet from accidental bumps to rocks and stones. Headgears are also important to protect your head from heat and rain or to keep your hair from distracting your vision in keeping your tracts. Do not forget to bring extra pieces of all these especially if you intend to keep your camping long enough to enjoy everything. 

Fun Kit

So much about protection and keeping your stomach full, camping must be fun and enjoyable so waste no time and prepare for it. So do not forget to bring your itinerary maps or list in order to avoid spoiling the day because your family is lost and you cannot find the campsite. Bring your bathing suits with you as you might pass through rivers and streams, so try it out and have some splash. 

Aside from camping clothes, bring your outfit of the day (OOTDs), camera because you might enter caves or climb up a hill or mountain tops have some groupies and selfies as a family.  In other words, you have to bring all the things you might though could add enjoyment and be ready for the fun, or else your camping will just be a bummer.


Generally, camping can become a fun and memorable way for a family to have a rest and recreation. There are many things to explore and enjoy. Therefore, avoid all the kill-joy and stress by making sure that you bring all these must-haves. Plan ahead, make a list so nothing important can be forgotten. Have fun!