Fast Growing Social Media In 2022

Fast Growing Social Media In 2022

Fast Growing Social Media In 2022

According to a Social Media Marketing Survey, marketers lookout for trending or emerging social media platforms on a regular basis. When you visit the Google Play store and search for ‘social media’ there are a plethora of apps that pops out. While the pool of social media platforms keeps growing, is there going to be any game-changer social media platform for marketers this year?

Social media trends – 2022

The truth is, maybe yes! The year 2022 has entirely changed the way how everything used to be. And this includes socializing as well! Social distancing became a part of our lives leaving a big gap for personalized communication that we used to have in-person. As always, humans are quite adaptable, and there came a myriad of social networking sites in the last twelve months simply to rebuild the communities that we had to quit abruptly.

The hottest & trending social media platforms so far include live streaming and audio-based social networking. Live streaming video was said to be the second-highest social media trend that marketers invested in this year. A survey also revealed that streaming performed much better than expected as per 52% of marketers surveyed. This is when platforms like Discord and Twitch are towering high and expanding simply beyond gaming.

And as for audio, experts say that there is a bright future for this type of new community. Audio-based social networking is totally a new concept and it is expected to reach great heights soon. The research found that live audio chat rooms were ranked by 65% of social media marketers among the top three effective social media platforms.

Watching the growth of such promising channels will help you conclude which are worth your time and which aren’t. And if you join a new hot social channel, you may have enough time to understand what kind of promotional content actually works there. Thereby, it will put you ahead of other competitors who may launch their presence later.

We have compiled a list of a few young social platforms that will help you stay on the cutting edge of social media. These platforms have immensely gained a large user base and interest from investors. And in recent months, these were the trending news buzz.

1. Instagram Reels

Launched in the year 2020, Insta Reels offers a video-creating functionality where users can adorn it with music, special effects, and transitions. Reels are said to be a fun type of content that helps in leveraging a brand personality. So you don’t need a director or fancy camera to publish content. It is one of the trending & engaging ways of socializing.

2. Bemeli

Bemeli is the next generation social media platform that influences people in a positive manner; it invites people to do a myriad of activities and also accepts challenges. This kind of social engagement encourages people to live a better & healthy social life.

3. Twitter Spaces

It was launched in the year 2020 and is said to be the newest feature of the app. Anyone with an iOS device and belonging to a selected group of people chosen by Twitter can start a conversation in their own space. This app is quite similar to Clubhouse.

4. Twitch

Twitch was launched in the year 2011. It is a live streaming platform that facilitates creators to directly build a conversation with their audiences in real-time. Video game enthusiasts are said to be its leading traffic driver. Players can actually record while they play popular games like Minecraft and Fornite while the audience gets to watch and engage. There is also exclusive content for which the creators offer a paid subscription plan.

5. Discord

Discord was launched in the year 2015. Though it was once a gaming platform, it has now become an expansive chat app. This platform operates on servers that allow audio, video, and text chat. Every user can actually create their own server and also join the one created by another user. This app was popular among gamers who look for a platform to stream games and also connect with the larger gaming community.

6. Clubhouse

The clubhouse was launched in the year 2020. Unlike traditional social media sites, Clubhouse enables audio connectivity between the speakers and the audience. It is not like a podcast but more of a personal way to share your thoughts with your audience who can also respond to you in real-time. People discuss about business, relationships, and there are even comedy clubs by upcoming comedians. They all stage their voice right in front of live audiences.


  1. What is the next big social media platform 2022?

There are many trending social media platforms like Clubhouse, Instagram reels, Discord, etc that are becoming popular.

  1. Which social media is growing fastest?

Audio-based social networking platforms seem to be growing faster in recent periods of time.