Thursday, September 29 , 2022

How do down feathers often make it into pillows, comforters, and jackets? THESE are the feathers in your jacket!

How do down feathers often make it into pillows

To produce down bedding, feathers are ripped out of LIVE BIRDS by the fistful, often causing BLOODY WOUNDS. They sometimes DIE of trauma. Terrified, screaming birds are grabbed by their wings and pinned by their necks as workers painfully tear their feathers from their bodies, often leaving gaping wounds that are sewn shut without any pain relief.

Down is used for pillows, bedding, coats, camping equipment, and more–but it’s super-easy to avoid by always choosing cruelty-free down alternatives!

No one will die without a fur coat, a feather quilt or leather boots. Those who love animals and practice Buddhism would not want to any animal being abused, tortured or killed. Currently there is only a small demand exist for “harvested” and/or “live-plucked” materials. By making others aware we can reduce that demand and avoid any future demand being created. I am 100% certain that those who buy fur products are not aware on how live plucked industry operates. If they have no demand will exist.

Share this “Down Industry in 60 Seconds” video with your friends, family, and everyone else you know and urge them to be down-free!