Monday, October 3 , 2022

Feel good first: Extraordinary case of a boy who was last in the 9th grade became the top in the 10th grade

By Prakash Suthradar, BBN Contributor

Feel good first

In a class of 9th grade in USA, there was a boy who was non performer, always scored lowest in the whole class, remained isolated and used to sit alone in the last bench. When the result of class 9 declared it was surprisingly found that boy ranked 3rd in the whole class. 

Now it was like a shock to everyone that the boy who was last ranker for all those years suddenly came 3rd in whole class. They all congratulated him, motivated him and his confidence level raised to the sky. Next year in the final exam of class 10 he ranked 1st among the class.

So because it was USA, if anything happens extraordinary then they immediately start research on it. So education dept appointed a team of psychologist to find out how things changed.

After the inquiry they were shocked. They found that boy actually secured very low marks in class 9 exam but due to technical error his name appeared in 3rd rank position. Then they searched for class 10 answer sheets and found that this time he really did well and actually ranked 1st.

Then the team of psychologist came to the conclusion that fake 3rd rank motivated him, felt him good, gave him the feeling of worthy, important and his self esteem went so high that next year in class 10 he studied really hard and that confidence level made him to the 1st position.

Things to learn from here that, we must change our old wrong belief that “if I do good, then I will feel good”.. actually it is “If I feel good, I will do good”…

Research shows that when you are confident, feeling good, worthy your performance level increases by 30%, your brain reception power increases by 22% and your concentration power increases more.

So first feel good then everything will be good !