Saturday, October 16 , 2021

Field Services Management Software:

Field services management software products allow organizations to manage and communicate with employees and field resources. Field service management systems improve productivity by allowing constant contact between office staff and external staff. They facilitate the customer experience by providing access to field personnel to service histories, mapping services, and programming tools, as well as to an organization’s knowledge base. The field planning software is related to the maintenance management software and personnel assignment software.


With Field Service Management for Freshdesk, you can manage external service personnel directly from your help center and provide support no matter where your customers are. With Freshdesk you can talk with customers and monitor their problems. When there is a problem, FSM allows you to create maintenance tasks, schedule appointments and send field technicians. Help center agents receive better information on external service issues, while field technicians always have access to live updates and information

Eye on task:

If your company provides field services, then a large part of the success depends on the success of your mobile workforce. Eye on Task allows you to manage your customers, jobs, inventory, and invoices on a single platform. Create quotes, convert quotes into jobs, the ability to create multiple services in a single job, assign multiple field workers in a single job, real-time location tracking, custom forms, custom billing, customer stock management and history of transactions. is a leading provider of business form automation solutions, both in fieldwork and in the office. It improves quality, promotes safety and ensures compliance with intelligent applications of mobile forms and strong reporting capabilities. engineers configure each solution according to the customer’s unique needs and integrate it with their systems to streamline business processes and maximize operational efficiency. Visit the website for more information.

Ai Field Management:

The name says it all. A field management platform that combines GPS and messaging with productivity. You can start/stop at any time. It provides you the GPS for the workers in Real-time. Integrated translation in the application, it comes with the more than 100 languages. Scalable from 1 to 10000 workers in minutes. It comes for different platforms including Windows / Mac, laptop, tablet, iOS / Android. – “Access forever”, even years later. – Share messages / documents / photos in real-time. – Notifications. You can also share work data in the PDF form or in the Excel form. – System of availability of workers

Pandell Jobutrax:

Pandell Jobutrax is web software that digitizes the delivery process of your oil field; automatically generates timesheets from the delivery notes; manages security and certificates; track equipment and inventory; fills purchase orders automatically based on delivery notes; capture digital forms, establish schedules and make distributions. Enter the data once from any device to eliminate errors and save time. Everything can be tracked and available for immediate digital loading in the accounting area.


Help small external service companies eliminate paper to use with a mobile application based on Android and iOS and increase revenue by doing more regular maintenance. Innovative mobile applications for your technicians. Schedule jobs and supervise maintenance on the go!