Sunday, September 25 , 2022

Firefighter Brings a Tiny Kitten Back To Life

by Jaya

At BBN we always wanted to plant compassion hoping to harvest kindness from every human we interact. Kindness is a very broad subject that it not only to be experienced among humans but also among humans and every other living being. Well, is that all? The answer is a definite NO. We must also be kind to our environment. Every nonliving thing, that matter to the existence of the planet such as trees. Evidently, Section of people will criticize you for discussing topics of such concerns if they find they have no direct relevance to their objective of association to certain source. However, little that they know every action we take in our life has some consequence in return.

Therefor we at Buddhism, always try to bring you stories that make you feel companionate. Stories that make you think that a tiny bit extra we do can make a huge difference in another’s life. That little extra we do can save another from pain, agony and suffer. We as humans have a duty to care for every living being while avoiding anything that can cause pain to living beings.  In doing so, we will be applauded by many for our focus on animals whilst some may call us campaigners for animal rescue groups. When most of our readers encourage us with valuable messages appreciating our effort a one or two may say that we deviate from our focus Buddhism. Well, any Buddhist with some sense of its basic principles would know how important it is to be enlightened with ground realities of our modern day lives.

We thought the following story will fascinate our readers too. It was a very little effort that made a huge difference in the life of this kitten while millions of those who watched It realizing the power of compassion and will.  Enjoy the pictures of the entire rescue and don’t forget to share the story.

In June of this year, firefighter Cory Kalanick of Fresno, California was searching for salvage in a burned home and found a lifeless kitten. Cory grabbed the kitten, gave it an oxygen mask and poured water on its fur. Within 15 minutes the kitten began moving and meowing again. The entire rescue was captured on Kalanick’s GoPro, and featured by the company in their latest video.