Five Tips To Select An Online Degree That’s Right For You

As we move into the “new normal,” we need to get used to the fact that online education is here to stay. Some of the best universities worldwide are now offering online degrees and other forms of flexible learning in addition to the traditional model. Graduating students now have a tough decision to make. Do they take time off from their education and wait for the system to return to normal? Will it ever return to normal? Or do they enroll in an online degree that’s right for them? 

Whether you’re graduating from high school and looking to choose an online degree or pursuing your higher education for career advancement, this article will come in handy. Here are five tips to help you select an online degree that’s right for you.

Have a plan A, B, and C

Choosing a degree is hard. Choosing an online degree is even more challenging. Not only does the learning environment seem unnatural, but the diverse range of choices doesn’t make things easier. With that said, here’s an idea you should consider.

If you’re having a hard time choosing one subject, consider creating a priority list. Create a hierarchy of plans/choices and work your way from top to bottom. Plan A should naturally be your first option. If that doesn’t work, move to the next. Having all your options in front of you listed on a priority basis might make narrowing down an option easier. Therefore whether it’s an online liberal studies degree as plan A or a degree in psychology as plan B, you now know where you stand.  You can factor in other aspects, such as costs, flexibility, career potential, etc., to help zero in on one option that you think is right for you.

Think about whether you could make a hobby into a career

When it comes to jobs, education, and hobbies, passion is the common denominator in all three. Limitless amounts of it will take you on cloud no. 9, and the lack of it will make you feel miserable AF! If you can mix a cocktail with all three, there’s no better drink.

Students passionate about their hobbies might see this as the chance to leap of faith. If you aren’t sure about what academic career to pursue, consider following your heart and pursuing your hobbies instead. Having a hobby as a degree choice and potentially a job is a dream for many of us. Imagine finally being able to take up a degree in music or arts like you always wanted. Being paid to have fun and realize our hobbies is what most of us dream of.  Do you love teaching as a hobby? In that case, ditch your boring career and consider an online edd program to make a fruitful career in education. With distance and online learning becoming more prevalent, there’s no shortage of excellent opportunities available for qualified educators out there.

Choose a degree based on the time you’re willing to commit

When it comes to choosing an online degree, time should be one of the most significant considerations. Assuming your degree is entirely online, would it be better for you to earn a general certification, a diploma, or a full-fledged bachelor’s degree? Sometimes knowing the answer to this simple question can save you months of hard work and get you started on your job sooner than later.

Choose a degree based on how much time you are ready to commit. If you don’t think you can sit through a master’s or doctorate program, then don’t commit to it. Not only will you be wasting your own time if you don’t see it through, but a lot of money as well.

Choose a growing field

Before you narrow down a degree, think about what the market looks like for said degree. For example, business grads might have a hard time finding a job if the market is saturated. It’s the same story for IT majors. To find and secure a job, you need to stand out from the competition, which is easier said than done.

Think about a degree that isn’t saturated and has good career prospects. Look at the industry growth of your chosen discipline and gauge what the future holds. It would be wise to find a growing industry so that by the time you graduate, there’s a fair chance that you can find a job – and one that pays well too. 

Follow your gut 

When you feel right about something, go all in! No one knows your situation better than you. Therefore, if you think you have a positive feeling about a certain degree, consider looking at the details and then decide to enroll.

As much as we recommend being cautious with your decision, sometimes taking too long can end up confusing you even more. Overthinking seldom does anyone any good. You will know when something feels right. Be confident and make your decision. Understandably, it’s a difficult step to take. Still, it could potentially end up rewarding you in ways you would never have imagined.


Choosing a degree can be highly stressful, especially for students who are about to graduate from high school. In this article, we discussed a few tips: creating a list of plans, using a hobby as a stepping stone, choosing a growing field, and following your instincts. If you don’t think you’re ready to decide just yet, consider taking a year off to explore your desires and options. The last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision and then regret it for the rest of your life!