Following Covid-19 Protocols on Construction Sites

Covid-19 has brought on many changes all over the world, even in the construction industry. From projects, to being canceled or delayed, to new safety protocols on the job.

Are you following the latest safety protocols? If not, you should consider consulting with a construction lawyer in Phoenix to cover all of your bases and protect your business. 

Updated Protocols

Due to Covid-19, OSHA has made some up to date guidelines that all contractors all over the country need to follow. 

The goal is to continue to keep all employees safe while on the job and to limit the spread of Covid-19. In addition to extra hand washing and taking temperatures on the job, employees on a construction site need to keep a safe distance, stay home if they are sick, wear a proper face covering, and sanitize all equipment, especially tools that are shared. 

Taking Extra Precautions

Of course, all of this might seem like common sense, but amidst the pandemic, promoting personal hygiene is more important than ever. 

Construction sites should offer a place for employees to sanitize their hands often and also allow for proper social distancing. This might be a challenge for some construction projects, but as long as employees stay home when feeling sick and continue to wear face coverings when around other employees, it should help limit the spread. 

In a rapid work environment like that of a construction project, things can be forgotten. Things like washing hands or sanitizing tools. None of these steps can be skipped during a time like this, so make sure all employees are following all protocols. 

Alerting Employees

Most importantly, all employees on the job site need to be alerted to all existing and new protocols. This includes all contractors and parties who may be entering the work zone. To ensure everyone is in the know, provide documents to be signed by employees stating they reviewed and will adhere to all protocols.