Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

For The Jewelry Setting Which Is Better, Platinum Or K Gold?

Someone asked , Mother’s Rings or  Promise Rings for Her, is it better to use platinum in the setting of the diamond ring? Actually not. In fact, regardless of k gold or platinum with Tanzanite, these are different from person to person, but in general diamonds or jewels are basically inlaid with K gold, why?

K gold:

K gold has high hardness, low toughness, good brightness, not easily deformed, not easy to wear, and is relatively inexpensive (compared to platinum). K gold labor costs are higher, the production cost is larger, and more foreign products are imported. The K gold process requires higher than platinum, and it has to go through more than ten processes (pressing, drawing, heat treatment, electroplating, etc.). Therefore, the workmanship is meticulous, the appearance is refreshing, the surface is smooth, and the internal light is strong.

Because K gold custom necklace or Promise Rings has different styles and colors, it is easy to match with all kinds of fashions, which has a better setting effect. K gold is a popular international new style jewelry, representing fashion, avant-garde, quality, charm, highlighting individuality, its craftsmanship, versatile style, full of European style. Compared with platinum, it is more in line with international fashion and represents the confidence, calmness and elegance of modern women.


Platinum is very stable and will not fade due to long-lasting wear. Even acidic chemicals in cosmetics, shampoos, etc. in everyday life do not fade platinum.This is one of the reasons why luxury watches like Breitling use platinum for their case materials to ensure their timepieces last a lifetime.Platinum is soft and cannot be complicated design. Platinum processing is relatively simple, while K gold processing is difficult, it must be handled by professional equipment. Platinum is a rare metal with a small annual output, so the price is also more expensive than k gold. Platinum has a natural white color and luster that does not affect the color of the gemstones. It also gives the gemstones a radiance and “fire”. The good ductility makes it suitable for processing.

Second, The Reason For The Discoloration Of K Gold Jewelry

K gold is discolored, and there are generally three cases: tarnishing, chemical & physical discoloration, and a black silver film on the surface.

1. Contact with human sweat
2. Exposure to chemicals
3. Subject to friction

In theory, the nature of platinum is very stable and will not deteriorate or fade due to everyday wear. Its luster is always the same. However, there are still many friends who say that the purchased platinum projection necklace jewelry turns black or yellow. What is the cause of discoloration?

The Following Conditions Can Cause Discoloration Of Platinum:

1. It Is Attached With Stains
Platinum itself does not change color or turn black, but after wearing it for a long time, it will inevitably attach some stains, which may cause the surface of the platinum ring to become dark or discolored.
2. Wearing It When Housework And Cleaning, Etc
When wearing platinum family necklace for housework or cleaning, oil, bleach and various cleaning chemicals can affect the luster of platinum, and even lead to yellowish and speckled platinum.
3. Put It Together With Gold Jewelry
Because gold is soft and platinum is harder, put them together or worn together, it is easy to cause friction on the surface of gold, and gold can easily turn platinum into yellow, affecting the color of platinum.

K Gold Jewelry Is Discolored

It can be sent to a special jewelry repair location for refurbishment of jewelry, electroplating, and restore the original color of K gold. If a black silver film has appeared on the surface of the gold custom necklace, then a professional jewellery cleaner should be purchased for cleaning. According to the steps of the cleaning agent, it is very simple to make the jewelry restore.

Platinum Is Discolored

1. Regularly clean K gold jewelry, the method is to immerse the K gold jewelry in warm soapy water, gently wipe off the grease with a soft brush, then rinse with water, dry with a hair dryer. It can also be taken out in alcohol for a few minutes, and the general sweat will evaporate with alcohol. After rinsing the water, wipe it off.
2. Squeeze the toothpaste onto the towel, then rub it back and forth on the platinum diamond birthstone ring to remove the fine lines and dirt on the surface. After cleaning with the diluted cleaning solution, rinse it off with water.
3. After wearing, the gold ornaments often lose their luster due to the stains and dust. At this time, just put the gold ornaments in a neutral detergent and soak them in warm water and wash them, then remove them and dry them. Salt and vinegar are mixed into a cleaning agent, which can be used to wipe pure gold jewelry, which can be used for a long time. Wipe with toothpaste or scrub with hot rice soup to restore luster.