Fortnite – Tips on Improving in Chapter 2 Season 5

Make the most of Fortnite Weapons with these tips. 

Fortnite is back with yet another new season as part of Chapter 2, which has brought with it a bunch of new content. Whilst new and old Fortnite weapons enter the fray, and new Fortnite items dotted around to check out are on the map, there are ways in which we can better ourselves in the game as a whole. 

Where to Drop

Practice makes perfect, and that also counts for where you land as well. Landing in Fortnite can actually be the difference between winning and losing in some cases. There are certain routes that will not only offer you the best possible loot but also helped you gain a number of other advantages. 

You will be able to start picking out spots that can give you a significant vantage point. Of course, this depends on the location of the circle, but you will start to get an idea of where you should be landing from different directions so you know the best route to take wherever you land.

Gather Materials

Materials are everywhere on the Fortnite map. In fact, you are often surrounded by something that you can use for the building. Whether this is trees, buildings, and just about everything in between that you can use your axe on to gather materials. These materials are essential for you to build walls, stairs, and other structures that will be able to give you a tactical advantage, as well as defend you in the heat of battle. 

Healing Items

This is something that is often overlooked by a lot of players. Many will go without having healing items when mixed up in a firefight, which can prevent all hopes of victory royale. As tempting as it can be to fill your inventory with your favorite Fortnite weapons, you are going to want to make sure you can recover if you need to. Therefore, ensure that you have at least two healing items on your person as often as you can. 

Tips on Keybinding

Another important thing to consider is binding your keys to suit you when playing the game. You don’t want to have them set for how you may have read others do, you want them to be able to suit your style of play. Such things to consider include your pickaxe, since it’s often used but not in critical situations. So have it to a key that may not be numbered like your weapons are. You could also have your left Shift key to sprint with, or even the caps lock button since it’s pretty easy for you to access. 

These tips should keep you going strong throughout the new season. As more features are added to the game, it’s good to freshen up the tactics from time to time and give yourself a reminder of what you need to do to grab that victory royale. Not to mention, we often get cool new stuff in the Fortnite item shop as each season passes. Needless to say, there is a lot to look forward to in the popular Battle Royale title, so make sure you follow these tips as more and more players begin to join in the action. 

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