Four Common Problems When Learning a Foreign Language and How to Solve Them.

As a student, it takes a lot of guts, effort, curiosity, and time to learn a foreign language. If you are in this position or you may be having plans to learn a new foreign language, then hats off to you. Because sometimes we usually need to learn a foreign language out of needs. For instance, maybe you have been offered a job in a foreign country and because you are not conversant with the language they speak, you have no choice but to learn the basics of the local language. Because in this era if you want to work anywhere in this world, then you have to be willing to learn foreign languages. 

And for it to be easier for you to learn a foreign language, there has to be a desire to learn about the locals of that particular country, for example, culture. If you have never learned a new language before. There are four main challenges that you will experience when learning a foreign language. These problems are not just vocabulary, phrases, grammar, diction, and verbs. Before you even start learning things get complicated. In this article, we will discuss the four common problems when learning a foreign language and their solutions.

  • Be set in your ways

Being set in your ways you are already enrolled in a foreign language learning course. Already you have learned translating languages word for word is impossible. So stop bothering your tutor with questions like ‘why?’ every time your tutor explains something.  You will disappoint yourself every time and at the end of the day, you will start losing interest. So you have to accept the differences when learning new words otherwise it will cause a mental block. You have to be set in your ways when learning a language.

So stop asking ‘why?’ questions deal with everything you learn since that is how it was intended by the founders of the language. One example is some languages words are written from left to right and others even vertically. And some use masculine and feminine endings to describe chairs, tables, or any other inanimate object. And that is how the locals of that particular language intended it to be. And if it still bugs you then you better dig into the history and roots of the language and find out why. 

The important thing to know is not every language is as simple as learning English. That does not mean learning English is simple not every language learner finds English simple as you do. Do not stress yourself everyone suffers from the constraints of their native language and trying to translate things in their mind before understanding it on paper or when talking. You have to embrace these differences. Once you prepare psychology and perspective and allow your mind to learn something new, the whole learning process will become easier.

  • Limited time

This is the most used excuse for students. Even though it is true sometimes it can be hard to get time to learn a foreign language. And it is not that hard to find time to learn. For instance, you can take a trip or you can be living in a country in question, there has to be a possibility you can find an hour or hours a week to practice your new language. There is a solution to those of you who are pretty busy, full-time mom and dads, full-time part of modern society, and a full-time worker. There may be things that you do not have time for like reading books. But we have good news for you. In learning new languages you are never too far away from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop to get a quick practice in. 

Challenge yourself by starting to change the way you look at your priorities, and start managing your time and you will see that there is free time you have in a day that you can set aside to learn a new language. Soon you will see how you make time for some things and not for others and how you can accommodate foreign language learning into your busy schedule.

  • The voice in your head

Motivational speakers will tell you to never listen to the inner voice that is discouraging you from achieving anything in life. That voice of fear has stopped empires from being created wars being won and it will also make you not learn any new language. The little demon in your brain that keeps on telling you that you cannot do it over and over, you better ignore that inner voice. And if kicking the negative inner voice to the curb has not been easy you may seek professional help. 

Because you have to learn a foreign language for that new country you are traveling to. So shock on you all of your reasons and excuses for always postponing your foreign language has been exposed. And that is just half of the problem solved. You have to discover which other problems you have and go about solving it. Because it is amazing having a romance in a foreign city, speaking to your foreign workmates or friends, or even feeling proud of yourself at dinner parties.

  • Lost Opportunities

This is for those who cannot afford to pay for foreign language classes. That is one major problem many faces. And it becomes even worse if you do not have anyone to practice the new language with. But again that should not prevent you from having a chance from discovering the joy or usefulness of learning a new language. Above all, any halfway switched-on person knows that you make your opportunities in life. 

 Assuming how you have discovered this article that means you have access to internet services. And you are lucky to have access to the internet because you can source for information about the language you are learning online since you have a lot of content to choose from. 

You might find extremely useful accessing online lessons. Services like Languag3online are always a reliable option to learn with the help of a professional native tutor. 

There are many applications that you can download which offer a ton of podcasts with foreign language lessons. You can also find foreign forums where you can trade languages with other people. For example, you can use social media to connect with people from other countries and make friends with some. We are sure some people will be happy and are also willing to teach you their language. Use online platforms to trade languages. For example, if you want to learn Spanish, search for someone willing to share their knowledge of Spanish tutor skills and trade with them with a language like English.