Four tasty herbs that are great for your health too!

I’m sure that many of you have used kitchen herbs to enhance the flavour of your cooking. However, did you know that herbs have therapeutic benefits as well?

Before the advent of modern medicine, herbs were used to successfully treat a variety of diseases and ailments.

Surprisingly, cooking herbs is not the best way to take advantage of their health and wellness benefits. This is because the hot temperatures inside an oven denature the healthy vitamins.

If you want to use herbs to boost your health, you may want to consider making either tinctures, tea. In the UK, consumers often place them in dry herb vaporizers too.

Several of these herbs taste and smell wonderful. I’m sure you’ll enjoy mixing them in order to find the best aromatherapeutic combinations for you

Below are 4 of our favourite herbs that can be purchased from your local supermarket.


Basil is popular amongst consumers due to them being an easy plant to grow. It’s also often used in cooking to enhance meat and fish dishes.

For millennia, our ancestors have used basil medically to improve mood, treat colds and ease digestion.

I’ve enjoyed using basil to help focus when facing a challenging task. Its stimulating effect can make a great alternative to caffeine.

Basil grows best in an outdoor garden, however, I’ve had success growing a small bushel on a very sunny window but if you have a very sunny windowsill, you can grow it indoors

If you’re interested in learning how to grow indoor or outdoor plants for yourself, be sure to head to for the best tips.


Lavender is one of the UK’s most mainstream herbs because it is a popular sleep aid. If you visit your local supermarket you’ll no doubt find it in a variety of teas, creams and even baby lotion.

Placing lavender in a dry herb vaporizer will fill your room with a dreamy aroma and it tastes great too.

Due to its pretty purple flowers being fragile, you should only heat them at your herbal vaporizers lowest setting.

Lavender can be a difficult plant to grow because they typically require hot, dry climates. Unless you live in a Mediterranean climate, you may want to try growing it indoors

Green Tea

Green Tea has been a staple in China for nearly 7,000 years thanks to its ability to soothe pain, inflammation.

The herb is now becoming popular across the world because it has been proven to be loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that can serve to improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits.

When exposed to high temperatures, either in a tea or a herb vaporizer, Green Tea can be as powerful a stimulant like caffeine.


There are several types of mint but the most well known are spearmint and peppermint.

Peppermint is a classic favourite of kids and adults across the world. It is used in lemonade, confectionary and of course everyone’s favourite cocktail; the mojito!

The best mint can be purchased between May and September – you’ll want to look for long, dark, perky leaves that show no signs of wilting.

Peppermint leaves can be really useful when suffering from a migraine. If you take a few leaves off your peppermint plant and rub them between your fingers to release the oils it’ll release a fragrance that you can rub into your temples to soothe a headache.

You should be careful if growing peppermint in a garden. It is an invasive plant and can very quickly take over an entire garden.