Friday, October 7 , 2022

Four Types of Meditation suitable to the Majority


  1. Buddhanussati Meditation – Concentration of the mind with the continuous contemplation of a characteristic of Our Great Buddha.
  2. Loving Kindness Meditation – Invoke blessings on other beings from one’s mind.
  3. Meditation on Revulsion – Contemplating on the disgusting nature of the hair, teeth, nails and other organs of one’s body.
  4. Marananussati Meditation – Contemplation of the inevitable death a being has to face.

Buddhanussati Meditationa

a) Memorize in detail a Buddha image you like. ( It is advisable to do the meditation in front of a Buddha image at the start.)

b) Choose a peaceful place and sit comfortably keeping the back straight.

c) Start with worshiping our Great Buddha with the following sentences which contain his nine characteristics.
End the worshiping saying, ” I worship my Great Buddha, who has nine noble characteristics, with my mind, body & word.”

i) My Great Buddha is sacred with destroying all the defilements like lust, greed & passion; therefore, being worthy of veneration by gods and humans.

ii) My Great Buddha has known all things accurately by himself, which belong to the past, present & future; things that are timeless; without the help of anybody.

iii) My Great Buddha is proficient in supreme knowledge like “attaining insight” and fifteen kinds of conduct like “moral restrain”.

iv) My Great Buddha has followed the correct path to attain the enlightenment and has spoken appropriately at all times.

v) My Great Buddha has a complete knowledge of all the three worlds; “The world of beings”, “The world of formations” & “The world of spatial”.

vi) My Great Buddha is foremost in subduing those who were difficult to tame. He disciplined the humans, gods, devils, demons, demigods and Kings who were conceited with genus, merits, super natural powers, glory, knowledge & wisdom, etc.

vii) My Great Buddha is the noble teacher of all beings, humans and gods, leading them towards the good and the blissful Nirvana (Enlightenment).

viii) My Great Buddha has discovered the four Noble Truths all by himself and has awakened thousands of gods and humans with his knowledge leading them to enlightenment.

ix) My Great Buddha is fitting to be venerated and respected by all beings because of his infinite merit, indefinite super natural powers, boundless wisdom and limitless splendor.

d) Now, close your eyes and visualize the Buddha image in your mind and imagine as our great Buddha standing / sitting in front of you.
Reflect upon a quality of our great Buddha you like most from the above nine and meditate contemplating it.

e) Meditation should be done at least 15 minutes a day.

Meditation should be done with a composed mind suppressing all the other objectives.
Do not meditate for a long time initially. Increase the time bit by bit.
Do not meditate when you have ailments till they are cured.