Frame_One Collection By GAGA Milano Watches

Gaga Milano manuale

The first manually produced collection by Gaga Milano .

Gaga Milano manuale A unique modern item that combines change, tradition, beauty, satire, sport, and luxury.

A strong, distinctive look that is free from all compromises. A collection of unrecognizable personality materials: from shiny steel case to rose gold plating, from beautiful solid black PVD to carbon fiber dial and color. The glazed dial, with its round shape and embossed number, plays the role of actor.

A selection of big distinctions: bold shapes and amazing colors. A better choice of style, which complements the old taste of the past.

In Ga Ge’s collection, remember models with diamonds, stainless carbon fiber, real jewelry, and even more demand for male and female consumers.

The Swiss-made mechanical manual mechanism is fully visible from the skeleton back case, provided with casting crystals. Refined leather straps are available in a different case and dial versions.


GAGA Milano 

GAGA Milano is a company founded in 2004 thanks to the versatile creativity of Ruben Tomilla. It is named after a particular way of living, seeing, and seeing the world.

We are always looking for new time money and are constantly looking for big companies that stay away from the mainstream style in a positive way. A prime example is Gaga Milano, a ten-year-old company

Again The company was founded by Robes Tomilla and the reason for its name is that it is an impression of the 1950s which means ‘beautiful but unique’. Since 2004, the company has been active in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Rapid growth with a strong market presence. The company’s expansion has helped eight brands of stores: four in Tokyo, one in Osaka, one in Hawaii, one in central Milan, eight in Corso Venezia 8, and one new store in Brighton Way, Beverly Hills.

GaGa Milano Collection

The first set of watches, the Manuel 48mm has a strong brand identity and comes with a simple and smart idea to strap on a 19th-century pocket watch and wear it on your wrist that breaks the rules and Classical time and future views are found

Gaga Milano looks using the highest quality materials with Italian care for fine workmanship and detail, the aresult is a pattern of originality, sophistication, and innovation. Other lines of this brand include the Crono, Manuel 40 mm, limited Editions include Slim 46, Napoleon, Napoleon Lady. Thin and turbulent. Gaga Milano’s collections include diamond-studded patterns, a carbon fiber watch case, and a growing demand for real jewelry for both male and female consumers, with Gagan Milano’s watches, founder, Robin Tomilla’s sunglasses, leather Manufacturing a line of accessories, jewelry will excel with all high-quality materials, craftsmanship, technological innovation, originality, and irony.

Frame_One Collection

Style and design, minimal and modern look: this is Gaga Milano’s new proposal. FRAME_ONE Gaga Milano continues to expand into the world of watchmaking by adding a new line with a modern design and a sophisticated look to the Manual 48 collection.

Formed in two variants, Quartz Movement and Skeleton Automatic, FRAME_ONE offers innovations while maintaining brand features.

Frame_One x Nadine Kanso Limited Watch Dubai

A limited edition 0/100 watch in collaboration with famous Lebanese jewelry designer Nadine Kanso. Frame – A dial revised: The dial shows the number in Arabic calligraphy and the “life” of the world is repeated on the black dial in the metal frame. The Dubai Skyline is back on track.

FRAME_ONE | Quartz has a case of 11 mm thick and 44 mm, which has quartz movement. The famous crown is placed on the 12th. The glass is mineral with sapphire treatment while the back case is closed with 4 protective screws. The strap is made of rubber with leather inserts.

It comes Only With Leather  Black Strap and its case is made of Gun PVD which is Physical Vapour Deposition (Pvd) and is used on Guns to  increase the life span of steel or titanium and its Bezel Is also made up of Pvd and it is unisex watch which means it is design for both men and womens and  

Frame_One Quartz 

FRAME_ONE | Quartz has a case 11 mm thick and 44 mm wide, which has the Japanese quartz movement. The popular crown, as always, is set to 12 and the dial is minimal with a stylized metal index. The glass is mineral with sapphire treatment while the stainless steel bottom is closed with 4 protective screws. Presented in steel case, PVD version, IP gold and black or white ceramic with more expensive type. The strap is made of rubber which penetrates the upper part of the leather.

It comes With Leather  Black , Blue, Cammel and gray Straps Depends upon VARIANTS and it is unisex watch which means it is design for both men and womens and  

Diffrent Varients 

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All of these Above Mentioned watches are also available in Bracelet Straps Bracelet, black pvd , yellow gold plated, rose gold plated & steel