Fresh Pawz Lets Dog-Parents Style their Furballs in Authentic Streetwear and Save Stray Dogs Find a Home

Most of us wish to have a dog as a pet. While only few of us get the chance to keep one. Usually, keeping a dog requires a lot of time and efforts. It may seem difficult in the beginning but once you bring a dog home, you cannot have enough of them. These furballs become a part of your family and your family picture seems incomplete without it. There begins an irresistible connection with the furry bud who plays, walks, cuddles, and even watches your favorite Netflix show with you. 

Owning a dog brings an opportunity to have a partner who can instantly identify your mood swings and cuddle with you when you feel low. Well in that case you have an equal responsibility to bring the best to your dog. Be it food, toys, GPS trackers, clothing, or cool dog products, you need not to compromise on the health and safety of your beloved partner.

The world has been hit by a pandemic and isolation has led to minimal human interaction. Everyone is stressed around but the only good thing about this is that in no way our pets can catch or serve as the carrier of this deadly Covid-19. It is verified by the experts of World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.).

Show Your Love for Dogs

Now, when you have got all the time to stay at home and indulge in different activities with your pets in the vicinity of your house, try to spend it wisely. The social distancing and economic crisis can lead to mental stress. However, your dog can serve as a perfect stress reliever. It is important as its presence would invoke the sense of responsibility in a dog parent that they have to look after themselves, in order to look after the dog. The dog needs your time and love. 

In the present scenario, share some love with your dog and shop for amazing dog products online. There is one store that is revamping fashion for dog and that is Fresh Pawz. You can find some outstanding street-style fashion accessories at this ‘official streetwear brand’ for dogs. It is a US-based brand that has introduced dog accessories with unique ideas. It is offering some delicate and classy clothing, harnesses, toys, carrier bags, bowties, and everything that can add a touch of class in your dog’s styling and make them part of your style statement. 

You need to spread love and this is what inspired Christopher Cargnoni to introduce Fresh Pawz. Cargnoni turns his ideas into reality with the launch of streetwear brand Fresh Pawz, specifically designed for dogs. It is not only the idea which makes the brand different but it is the self-conscious step to help all the dogs around – be it a pet dog or a stray. 

Make a Difference – Change the Accessory Style

Making a purchase online is a new trend these days. By helping your dog find comfortable accessories you can also help other dogs around. When you make a purchase through Fresh Pawz, 5% of it goes to Petfinder Foundation. The foundation aims to relocate stray dogs and provide them a safe harbor to prevent euthanizing. The love of dog is pure and it should not be limited to the dog you own. 

Cargnoni believes that there is not much in the fashion industry to offer for dogs. It is he who thought of the need and jumped started to work for dog-fashion brand after quitting his job as an old school retailer in Detroit. Before he quit, his hard work, efforts, and determination helped him transform 2500 square feet shop into a 10,000 square feet streetwear retail store. He believed and did it. 

“I’m stoked to combine my respect for streetwear culture and my life-long love of dogs,” This is what the founder Christopher Cargnoni of Fresh Pawz had to say in conversation with Digital Journal. “We are a different breed of accessories bridging the gap between streetwear culture and your dog,” Cargnoni says.  “We believe we’ve taken what is traditionally a mundane product selection and made it exciting and relevant.” He added. Cargnoni is an enthusiastic dog owner who believes that his passion has led him to combine the streetwear fashion with retail industry. 

Fresh Pawz – Redefining Fashion for Dogs

Fresh Pawz is a brand spun with a desire to make a difference. Now it is standing apart and making a difference for dog goodies with a variety of patterns, designs, and character inspired prints. The company is now renowned by the millennials as the most- loved and extensively unique brand for adding style and accessories to the dogs. The collection spreads over variety of bowties, toys, leashes, bowls, Mesh & H-Harnesses, collars, and clothing. The cool dog accessories by the company are available at multiple stores including Macy’s, Petco, Zumiez, and Target. Not only is Fresh Pawz diversifying the fashion industry for dogs but is helping its customers contribute in the movement against dog euthanasia.