Sunday, October 2 , 2022

Your Friend Isn’t a Real BF Until: The 14 Stages of Friendship

– By Anna Bashedly

The key to true and everlasting friendship is to make each other laugh till your stomach hurts, be there for each other through everything, and then get some dirt on them when they’re drunk so they can never leave you.

The stages of friendship from a friend to a serious BFF is very similar to the stages you have in your relationship with bae. Except for the fact that friendship is forever. (Sawry).

Stage 1: The nice phase.

“What’s up omg I love you sooo much.” This phase is strictly all compliments and no teasing.

Stage 2: The omg am I being too clingy phase.

This stage usually involves contemplating whether or not you’re bothering them with all your texts, “omg am I being too much or too weird?

Stage 3: The hey you dickhead f*cking answer me phase.

The secret is out. You’re both certified weirdo freaks and getting all whiny and clingy when she doesn’t respond to your text is totally acceptable if not expected.

Stage 4: That couple phase.

This phase involves the awkward moment when you and your best friend act more like a couple than you and bae do. Like when bae comes to pick you up and you’re like, ugh we were having so much fun why couldn’t you come later.

Stage 5: The blunt phase.

This usually involves your friend telling you things that you probably don’t want to hear but 100 percent need to hear: You: “I miss him. Her: “Fuck that asshole.”

Stage 6: The f*ck it, let’s drink more phase.

This phase always involves your friend encouraging you to drink more and encouraging each other’s hoe activities.

Stage 7: The literally no secrets phase.

“Don’t tell anyone what I just told you.” You: “No no of course not never.” *Copy* *Paste entire conversation to best friend*

Stage 8: The fight like a couple phase.

You argue but then can’t stay mad at each other because you got gossip to tell and she’s the only one that will understand. Dammit.

Stage 9: The typing up conversations for each other phase.

Okay shit is getting real. This is the phase when you type up half of your bf’s arguments when she’s arguing with bae.

Stage 10: The you literally talk in inside jokes phase.

If someone would read your messages they would think you’re both legit crazy, perverted, and probably should be locked up too.

Stage 11: The “I’m outside your house and I’m coming in” phase.

There are almost no boundaries left and you can definitely start calling each other legit BFFs.

Stage 12: The literally no convo is off limits phase.


Stage 13: The yeah I’m already in your house phase.

“I’m already at your place. When are you coming home?”

Stage 14: The your family is my family phase.

This final phase will go something like this: “Yo I’m having dinner with your mom. Are you going to join us?”

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