From Growing Up in Poverty and Crime to an Emerging Urban-Pop Artist in the UK – The Inspiring Story of Baegera

Living a life, encircled by poverty and crime, is not easy. Every day is a new challenge, and every breath is a gift. Not many people are able to survive from such harsh conditions, let alone succeeding in life. It is near to impossible to fulfill one’s desires and turn dreams into reality when everything in life is falling apart, and there is nothing one can do. Adding to the difficulties is when one’s family does not support their dreams. It is a major setback, and it might lead many people to give up.

There is one man who did not only spend life in poverty and close to crimes but also went against the wishes of his loved ones for the sake of his dream. He is Deepak Raj Agrawal, who his fans know as Baegera, a ‘protector’ and ‘mentor.’

He is an emerging RnB star in the UK’s music industry and has a huge fan following. However, there a few people who actually know what the passionate individual went through to make his music dreams a reality. Among millions of dreamers, there are only a few doers, who work hard, take risks, make sacrifices, to fulfill a dream that was their only motivation since the beginning.

Adversities, Compromises, Sacrifices.

Even though the world is advancing and the mindsets of people are changing, some families still live with a backward mentality. Deepak’s family was one of them as his parents were from Allahabad, India. As they were struggling in life, his parents wanted the best for his son and did not want him to go through the same. Deepak’s father was not in favor of him pursuing a music career, and it was a difficult time for a young boy who was in love with it.

Born in Feltham, a suburb of London, on August 11, 1988, Deepak grew up in a loving family. However, his life was not perfect. While they struggled with finances, the crime in the neighborhood made things much worse. Deepak and his family resided close to HM Prison Feltham.
Deepak’s parents were worried about their son’s future, and thinking about it, they decided to move back to Allahabad, India. When he was six years old, his family relocated to India in a safe environment. The relocation from the United Kingdom to India was a challenge in itself. The young boy who had always lived in a Western Culture found it hard to adjust to the typical Indian culture.

While his parents were successful in preventing the young mind of their son from getting influenced by crime, they could not put away other problems at hand. Despite the water and electricity shortage, the young boy managed to cope and never disappointed his parents with his tantrums. There were financial problems in their family, however, Deepak’s time with his grandparents managed to balance it all.

Deepak spent four years of his life in India and during which he grew fond of Indian classical music. While he always admired music, Indian classical music ignited his passions. When he turned 10, his parents decided it was time to move back to London.

After returning to Deepak’s hometown, they found residence close to Heathrow Airport, and it was not the safest neighborhood in the city. Even his school was dominated by drug addicts, and fights were common. Things got so bad that one day, a classmate put a gun on Deepak’s head. At that time, his father thought of nothing else and sent his son to a Private School in Abingdon. He resided at the school for two years, during which he tried to persuade his family to let him choose music as his subject.

Deepak’s father wanted him to be a doctor and to be successful in life, which is why he did not let him pursue an education in music as he considered it to be a ‘waste of time.’

Deepak began taking private music lessons and even learned to play the guitar he received as a gift from his father. He then got a chance to play the lead role in a theatre production, “In the Name of Sex.” When he spent time with other music artists and actors, it further encouraged him to pursue a career in music. After the production ended, he decided to take a gap year and traveled to India to groom his Indian Classical Music skills. He began working on his craft.

When he returned to the UK, his father forced him to complete a Degree in Biochemistry at Imperial College London. As he was now more determined than ever to pursue music, he dropped out of college within the first year. He fought and stood up for his passion, setting an example for all those who believe giving up on passion is okay.

His hard work and sacrifices paid off, when his debut single, “Seen You Before,” was released on December 6, 2019. He even launched his own music record, Hakadosh Records, through which he released his debut single. It received global appreciation and acknowledgment. It peaked on the 9th rank on the UK Pop Chart. His story has the potential to inspire masses and motivate those who are the verge of giving up.