Front Yard Landscaping Advice from The Experts

Your front yard plays a huge role in the overall curb appeal of your home. There’s much more to beautiful landscaping than having a beautiful lawn.

 Here are the best front yard landscaping tips from the experts you should consider for your lawn.

  1. Find A Focal Point 

For your front yard, the focal point should be the front door so don’t hide it. If you are thinking about adding trees or shrubs in your front yard, make sure you find the best way to frame the front door as you get into your house.

  1. Use Ground Covers 

Compared to grass, ground covers offer a low-maintenance alternative. They also complement the grass in your front yard. They bring out a neat appearance with very little to no maintenance since they are very low on the ground. Even better, you can introduce spring bulbs to your landscape because the ground cover will hide the head leaves after blooming.

  1. Set A Natural Path 

You should have a pathway to your front door in your front yard. Remember, when accessing the house, most people will take the most direct route to the front door. Yes, a curved path might be beautiful but a meandering path might not be as good as you hope. Therefore, create a natural path to the front door and make sure it is as straight as possible. 

  1. Consider Foundation Plants 

Don’t treat foundation plants like useless plants pressed to the side of your house. Make sure they extend as far from the house as possible. When planting shrubs in your front yard, you need to consider how they will look in a few years. Make sure you don’t use varieties that will block your windows. 

  1. Add Privacy 

You can always add privacy to your front yard for the most appealing look. Shrubs are always a good idea. If you add a buffer of shrubs at different heights, you should be able to achieve the same benefits as having a fence or hedge. They are actually more welcoming. You can choose to block the view from a particular room from the outside, you can add a few trees or shrubs and place them strategically. 

  1. Consider The Lighting 

Remember, your house is a large obstacle that blocks the light. Therefore, if you have a southern-facing home, the front yard will not have a lot of light. On the other hand, if your house faces east or west, it might get some sun for some parts of the day without any sun for the rest of the time. Therefore, whatever plants you choose for your front yard you should have the orientation of your home in mind, especially when it comes to lighting.

  1. Always Think Long Term

When planting trees in your front yard, you need to consider how they will look 12 to 15 years down the track. Yes, they are a permanent fixture in your home but they should not be so close to the house. When you think about selling your house, the trees will be an asset unless prospective buyers want to remove them. Plant trees now as you consider how they will look in the future.

Use these landscaping tips to make your front yard look beautiful, or if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself engage a professional landscaper or landscape designer, like Innovascape.