Get Ahead Of the Competition With Digital Networking Events

One of the untold benefits of renting a co-working space or an office space within a tech community is the buzz of educational and social activities that are an ever-present facet of these communities. Digital networking events are some of the most well-attended of these events. 

Digital networking events provide the chance for entrepreneurs in the tech industry to get their company’s name, purpose, and products known within the local tech community in an informal, friendly atmosphere. If a startup is on the verge of announcing a recent breakthrough or stage of growth, it’s also the perfect event to plant the seeds of this information. 

Seizing Opportunities

Every event within the tech community can serve as a digital networking event. Whenever you have like-minded people gathered together for a mutually beneficial purpose, they naturally want to meet each other to discuss anything tech-related that they may have in common. 

By attending these events regularly, not only to do you reap the benefits of all the information that these educational events provide, but you and your startup begin to be known throughout the local tech community. And the more familiar you and your enterprise becomes, the more chances you’ll have to seize opportunities as they come along.  

Develop a Lifelong Learning Attitude

Beyond the opportunities that a serious commitment to networking can provide, attending educational digital networking events regularly is something you should encourage in your employees and yourself for the continuing improvement it provides to both your business and your overall knowledge.

Developing a company-wide lifelong learning attitude is one of those traditions that, once established, will continue to pay dividends for your enterprise far into the future. It almost guarantees that your startup will always be up to date on the latest technological developments that can be used within your work processes and strengthen your business and your brand name in the tech community. 

Finding Digital Networking Events in Bangkok

Bangkok has become one of the fastest-growing technology hot-spots of the Asia-Pacific region. The city is home to hundreds of technology startups hungry for success. It’s also home to one of the best-organised programmes of continuing tech and business education, and networking events. 

The True Corporation created True Digital Park (TDPK) in partnership with strategic companies, government agencies, educators and investors. It’s the most comprehensive, technology-based work community in Bangkok. 

TDPK also offers a continuous programme of business and digital technology-themed events. These interactive talks, lectures, workshops, and digital networking events cover all sorts of educational topics from getting hardware startups off the ground to taxation laws for businesses in Thailand. 

They also provide access to Thailand’s technology venture capitalists and the leaders of some of the most successful technology companies in the region. 

Develop a lifelong learning attitude and increase the value of your startup by becoming involved in the digital events happening every week in the digital community of TDPK. You don’t have to rent working space from TDPK; you just have to have a passion for digital education and a love of meeting other like-minded people in the community.